What is Jenna King from Southern Charm season 1 upto these days?

Jenna King had disappeared from the television screen after she left the show following season 1 and seems like she's enjoying her time in the sun.

                            What is Jenna King from Southern Charm season 1 upto these days?
Jenna King was last seen on 'Southern Charm' (IMDb)

In a crowd full of people it was easy to find out Jenna King because that girl knew how to stand out! With signature fauxhawk, her love for black clothing and sky-high heels, she created an identity for herself which was far away from anyone people had seen. When Jenna appeared on the first season of Southern Charm, she brought a new personality into the picture. 

Unfortunately, she was a no-show after the first season and without any doubt, we missed her. Ever since then people have always wondered where she is and luckily, her Instagram tells us how the actress has been. To begin with, she has a new hairstyle! Yes, you might find it a bit hard to imagine her in another hairdo but the photos are an evidence how Jenna is the boss when it comes to rocking new looks! 

At the same time, it seems like after season 1 of the show, Jenna packed her bags and headed straight to LA. Looks like the sun and the beach is treating her right because she sure does look happy and cheerful. However, she often comes to visit southern California and enjoys quality time there with various fun activities. 

At present, Jenna is spending a lot of time with her friends and close ones. Even though she might have taken a step back from the spotlight, it does not look like she regrets it a bit. However, looking at her pictures, we think Jenna would make a perfect model. 

Her pictures will make you stop and stare. Let's not forget about her adorable dog who makes the pictures a little extra special. Scrolling through her Instagram one will notice that Jenna always has her dog by her side. No matter where she is or what she may be doing, her dog is the constant in her life. At the same time, Jenna is investing a lot of her time traveling and exploring different places. 

We are not sure if Jenna is still in touch with her co-stars but we think she is having her fair share of fun. With her friends and adorable dog by her side, it seems unlikely that Jenna isn't missing out on anything in life. However, we do wish to see more of her on the television screen.