Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson's keto diet is going disastrous, but not her relationship with fiance Lior Bitton

Recently the 46-year-old uploaded a picture of her taking a mirror selfie, donning a grey onesie on Instagram

                            Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson's keto diet is going disastrous, but not her relationship with fiance Lior Bitton
Jenna Jameson (Getty Images)

Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson recently addressed her struggles with maintaining her keto diet during the coronavirus lockdown. She took to Instagram to open up about how maintaining a keto diet during the quarantine has not been an easy feat. 

She captioned her picture, "Super ready to get back on a healthy regimen. This whole shut down has been disastrous to my #keto lifestyle. How is everyone doing on the home front?" Earlier in February, the former adult film actress revealed that she returned to her keto diet, but was finding it hard to maintain her weight loss. 

In another Instagram post, she said, "Long awaited but quite anti climatic Keto update. I am losing slowly slowly. I'm now 14 lbs down but I've been fluctuating. I think hormones are playing a huge part. I'm still breastfeeding and recently got my period back after 3 years. So I feel up and down, hot flashes galore and in need of all things salty. Moral of the story, give yourself grace, it's a marathon not a sprint! Love you guys #ketoweightloss." 

Unlike her keto diet, her relationship with her fiance, Lior Bitton, is still going strong. The two have been together for what seems like forever. The couple has a daughter, Batel Lu. 

After their engagement in June 2015, Jenna revealed that she was converting to Judaism, which was Lior's faith. They have also been very supportive of each other. Lior has shown his support for Jenna's sobriety after their engagement sharing how proud he is of her. 

In a YouTube video titled, "My Sober Journey," Jenna in 2016 talked about her past struggle with addiction. And Lior told Jenna that he was proud of her. When Jenna and her former husband Tito Ortiz split, Ortiz was granted full custody of their twin boys. In a 2013 interview, Ortiz said Jenna has to "pass some tests" before she can see their sons. 

And Lior took to Instagram in support of Jenna. "Mr. Tito, please stop the hate and learn to forgive, if you can't learn on your own seek for professional help. What you doing is not best interest of the kids. Good luck Brother Hopefully you will do the right thing. People change, times are different. If you need my help I am always here," he posted.

In 2017, April, Jenna gave birth to hers and Lior's baby girl, Batel Lu. After revealing in 2018 that she has become in stay-at-home mom, the couple is still growing strong and showcase their love publicly often. In December during Lior's birthday, Jenna uploaded an emotional post on Instagram wishing him. "Happy Birthday to the absolute love of my life. I get emotional sometimes when I see what a great father you are. Thank you for being who you are and always having my back. @liorbitt."

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