Jeffrey Epstein's underage 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts had to massage 'Simpsons' creator Matt Groening's 'crusty toenails'

The allegations were a part of Roberts' 72-page unpublished memoir called 'The Billionaire's Playboy Club'

                            Jeffrey Epstein's underage 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts had to massage 'Simpsons' creator Matt Groening's 'crusty toenails'
Matt Groening (Getty Images)

Jeffrey Epstein's alleged former sex slave Virginia Roberts described having run into 'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening on the former's private jets and how she was forced to massage his "crusty" toenails in newly unsealed court documents.

Roberts had detailed the experience in a 72-page unpublished memoir called 'The Billionaire's Playboy Club' that was originally a part of a lawsuit she filed against Epstein and his "highest-ranking employee" and former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell in 2015, according to the Daily Mail.

The memoir came to light after 2,000 other documents connected to the lawsuit were unsealed by a judge after Epstein was arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York last month. It describes her interactions with politicians and celebrities, as well as the sex acts she had to perform with Epstein and Maxwell.

Roberts said her run-in with Groening happened after she had just spent time at Epstein's ranch in New Mexico with Maxwell, where they engaged in a threesome, and she got onto one of his private jets in Carmel the next day to head to Los Angeles.

She said, on the jet, they had an "unexpected visitor": 'The Simpsons' creator and producer Matt Groening.

"I was so excited as I loved watching the show and acted like a star-struck fan, asking him everything from his initial idea for creating the show to where he got his characters from," she wrote, describing the encounter. "He told me it was all based on his own family makeup but without the crazy father and son scenes of Homer's hand around Bart's throat."

Roberts said Epstein forced her to give Groening a massage (Getty Images)


But their interaction went downhill when Epstein allegedly insisted that she give a foot massage to Groening. "I never turned down a client but when I saw the shape of his feet, I nearly threw up at the thought of having to touch them," she wrote.

"He had yellow crusty toenails that even someone with a chainsaw would've had troubles cutting through and then there were the fluffy balls of leftover pieces of sock wedged between the crevices of his sweaty toes, now that was the real icing on the cake for me."

"No way could I attempt this," she continued. "Then I had an idea. I went to the back of the plane and rinsed a washcloth in warm soapy water and returned for his dreaded foot massage but not before attempting to clean them first."

Roberts said Groening rewarded her for the massage with a signed sketch of Bart and Homer Simpson that he made out to her little brother and her father, who were the biggest fans of the show, at her request.

"Next to the A-4 size drawing, he was able to fit the quote, 'To my greatest fan from Matt Groening' and their names next to it," she wrote. "I knew they'd absolutely love it and it was such a nice gesture his feet were no longer an issue as I laughed it off and even made a joke to the comedian about getting a pedicure before hitting LA's beaches." Overall, she said Groening was a "pleasure to meet."

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