Jeffrey Epstein effect: Was Victoria's Secret Fashion Show cancelled due to fears links with the pedophile would emerge?

It has been reported that the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was part of the reason that the show was canceled, given the link between Epstein and VS boss Leslie Wexner.

                            Jeffrey Epstein effect: Was Victoria's Secret Fashion Show cancelled due to fears links with the pedophile would emerge?
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According to an expert, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal had played a part in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show being canceled. 

The expert shared that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Victoria's Secret boss Leslie Wexner could have had an 'unholy alliance'. The fashion show had been scheduled to take place last Friday but was canceled after it was accused of having a lack of diversity and objectifying women. It has also been suggested that another reason the show was canned was that Epstein bought underwear from the brand.

It is suggested that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was canceled this year due to the 'unholy alliance' between pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and VS boss Leslie Wexner (Getty Images)

The show was abruptly called off when Prince Andrew was slammed for his associations with Epstein. As reported by The New York Times, Epstein had an 'unusually stronghold' over Wexner and would pretend to work as a talent scout. He would also abuse models. Wexner should have known of all of this but there was no action taken. 

Wexner had hired Epstein as his 'personal money manager' back in the early 90s and the two remained friends after that. As their two lives got very mixed up, Epstein had obtained a private place, a vast estate in Ohio, and a Manhatten townhouse, all of which Wexner or his firms used to own. 

The townhouse is the same one where trafficked teenager Virginia Giuffre was ordered to entertain Prince Andrew. According to a witness, when Epstein was asked about a bevy of young girls in school uniform walking in and out of the mansion, he said that they were auditioning for Victoria's Secret.

John Connolly, who wrote the bestselling 'Filthy Rich' about Epstein, spoke to The Sun and shared that L Brands, which is Victoria's Secret parent company, could not handle the press surrounding Epstein since he died in prison. "If these allegations are true, there was an unholy alliance between Epstein and Wexner". 

"'L Brands has faced financial problems for a few years, but the bad press about Wexner’s connections to Epstein had to contribute to the cancellation of the show," he shared.

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