Epstein made rape victim wear 'little children's underwear,' asked Trump if she's 'a good one' during introduction

Epstein introduced the victim to Trump at Mar-a-Lago, asking him, 'this is a good one, right?' to which Trump 'smiled and nodded in agreement' after which both men 'chuckled'

                            Epstein made rape victim wear 'little children's underwear,' asked Trump if she's 'a good one' during introduction
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Disgraced billionaire and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly dressed one of his rape victims in "little children's underwear" and accused her of being ungrateful after she managed to escape the abuse. According to court papers filed by the unidentified victim against Epstein and his former lover, Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused financier first met the victim when she was 13 at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan in the summer of 1994 and after taking her virginity, called her to accuse her of not "appreciating him."

The victim's name is only mentioned as Jane Doe in the court papers, as seen by the Sun. At their first meeting, Epstein told her that he was a patron handing out scholarships to talented young artists. At the time he took the victim's mother's number. Just weeks later, he called up her mum and invited the victim to his lavish home in Palm Beach. Epstein and Maxwell then proceeded to "groom and mentor" the teenage over the next few months. Epstein even dubbed himself her "godfather" and began taking her to the movies and on shopping trips.

The filing claimed that Epstein and Maxwell initially acted as just friends to Doe and their relationship did not get sexual until the end of 1994. Epstein would shop for "little children's cotton underwear" for her to try on as he forced her into performing sex acts on him. He would also use sex toys on her. And every time she tried to distance herself from the pair would allegedly "threaten" her and "scold her for being ungrateful."

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (Getty Images)

Doe alleged that there were three properties of Epstein's where he reportedly sexually abused her - his mansion in Palm Beach, his $71 million town house in New York, and at his ranch in New Mexico. She said that the abuse escalated once he knew he had "made her and her family completely dependent on him financially." He shifted her to a posh apartment in New York.

After asking her if she had a boyfriend, Epstein allegedly raped the victim for the first time in 1997, telling her afterward that she should "get over" losing her virginity. During the act, Epstein reportedly kept on insisting that she had to make sure the sex would be "good." He forced her onto her stomach while raping her for the first time - a position that he would frequently try with her until 1999.

Maxwell apparently "regularly facilitated Epstein's abuse" and was "frequently present when it occurred" the court papers claimed. Eventually, Doe moved to Los Angeles to "escape Epstein's abuse" and stopped returning his "frequent calls". Whenever Epstein spoke to her on the phone, he would "threaten and berate her for not appreciating him."

Doe's lawyers claimed that the five years of abuse caused their client "immeasurable pain and suffering every day.'' The lawsuit has been filed against Epstein's $634 million estate. 

The papers also stated that Epstein had introduced Doe to President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago when the latter was just a business mogul, asking him, "This is a good one, right?" Trump apparently "smiled and nodded in agreement" after which both the men "chuckled," which left Doe feeling "uncomfortable". Trump previously claimed that he banned Epstein from his resort Mar-a-Lago and had not spoken to him in the last 15 years. “I’m not a fan of his,” Trump said.

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