Jeffree Star announces $10K as giveaway, Internet says he's 'bribing to make you forget his problematic past'

Star announced that he will be giving $10,000 giveaway to 3 random people who will follow him and asked people to drop their $CashApp id

                            Jeffree Star announces $10K as giveaway, Internet says he's 'bribing to make you forget his problematic past'
Jeffree Star (Getty Images)

Is the Internet doubting the “good” intentions of makeup mogul Jeffree Star? Is he bribing to get more fans? These are the questions that people are asking after the multitalented entrepreneur announced that he will be giving a $10,000 to three random people who will follow him and retweet his tweets. He asked people to drop their $CashApp id to be the lucky winner in a tweet he wrote on September 22. 

However, it did not go down well with many people on the Internet who claimed that the founder of lucrative Jeffree Star Cosmetics is trying to bribe them. Many doubted his benevolence and stated he is trying to lure people so they can forget his controversial past. Jeffree tweeted, “I’m going to give away $10,000 to 3 random people who retweet this tweet and follow me! (If you don’t follow me, can’t DM you the money) Much love.” He continued, “Side note: Drop me your $Cashapp and I'm going to help as many people as I can tonight until my limit hits! Thank you for all the support, always.”





After his giveaway announcements, many fans started to post about their abysmal conditions and problems and tweeted to him as to why they need money. A user posted about the discrimination she is facing and how she is in need of the cash. “Jeffree hi, I’m from NY facing discrimination at work for being trans. I am trying to sue my agency for it and retaliate. I could use some help.” 



Others mentioned their health issues to get help from the giveaway by Jeffree and showered love on him. “Hi Jeffree! I recently got a puppy who is dealing with serious health issues, I was lied to about his age and he is only 5 weeks old and almost died from a hyperglycemic seizure a couple of days ago. I am a student and I can’t afford his medical bills. We love you.” Another wrote about her personal problems. “I'm a divorced mom of 2. I'm a domestic violence/rape survivor. I don't get child support & would love to save up for a laptop to finish my college degree.” 





However, there were many who alleged Jeffree's giveaway is a “scam” or a way to “bribe” people to divert their attention from his “problematic” past. A user wrote, “Bestie Jeffree is trying to bribe and scam this time.” Another concurred with his negative remarks, “Not y’all thinking Jeffree actually doing this to help y’all. Don’t be fooled he doing this for himself, he wants y’all to forget about his past.” A user made some strong allegations against Jeffree Star. “Not Jeffree out here bribing everyone with money so that they can forget his problematic past…”







Vox had reported that Jeffree had amassed a cult following as well as severe accusations over racism before he ventured into a music career and cosmetics line. The site also mentioned how Jeffree got embroiled in feuds withseveral other fashion and beauty gurus, including reality television star, tattoo artist and makeup mogul Kat Von D and makeup artist Laura Lee. He had called Lee’s soul as “pure evil” in a 2017 tweet but he deleted it later as reported by Vox. 

Jeffree Star and make-up artist Manny Gutierrez attends as Marc Jacobs celebrates #MarcTheNight on November 17, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Ja (L)cobs) (Getty Images)

Pop Dust reported how Jeffree was also controversially engaged in another incident. In 2020, a website posted some graphic pictures of Jeffree self-harming himself, posing with a confederate flag and calling people obsessed with makeup as “lipstick nazis”. However, he later apologized for the images.With such controversies, Jeffree has given the Internet to talk about his past even if his intentions are kind. 

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