Will Kylie Jenner and James Charles rule the makeup industry as Jeffree Star revels in his misfortunes?

Will Kylie Jenner and James Charles rule the makeup industry as Jeffree Star revels in his misfortunes?
Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star, James Charles (Getty Images)

The makeup industry is a money generating industry and among these lie many makeup moguls who have managed to make a mark for themselves. However, this also means that not everyone can succeed. 

Kylie Jenner, James Charles, and Jeffrey Paschel are the three names that often stick out when revolutionaries from the makeup industry are discussed. Kylie broke the industry when she first launched her Kylie Cosmetics line and since then, there is no stopping her. The makeup mogul has managed to reinvent her brand time and again and soon spread it to the skincare segment as well. 

Meanwhile, James had everyone falling in love with his take on makeup. The way he chooses the perfect shade of color to how he blends his makeup, it became quite obvious that there was no one like him in the industry. With these two creating their image in the industry, it was no surprise that they also managed to get along pretty easily. 

Kylie has often made videos along with James and the two have been the biggest cheerleaders of each other's style. Despite James getting involved in drama that made him look like a liar, Kylie continued to be by his side. However, one person who happens to be at a disadvantage here is Jeffree. 

While Jeffree has made his fans happy with his products and managed to keep them entertained over the years, it seemed like the good old days for the YouTube star are now taking the exit. Starting from the robbery of his products to the breakup with his ex-boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, the year has not been great for him. 

To make things worse, he even lost his beloved dog during this time. All of this falling on his lap at once, Jeffree decided to take a leave from social media without giving many updates to his fans. While it was a low time for him, it was definitely a year of celebration for Kylie and James. 

The two makeup mogul managed to bring out new products and please their fans with the latest essentials from their style kit. They also managed to use social media to their advantage and continued posting on their respective YouTube channels. This automatically puts them many steps ahead of Jeffree. 

Sadly, one can say that Jeffree has not been in the limelight like he used to be and this has given his competitors a big advantage in the industry. If this continues, we will not be surprised if Kylie and James take over the industry, leaving Jeffree on the edge. 

Let us know what you think in the comment section below as we wish Jeffree a good time ahead. 

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