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#JeffreeStarApologizeToChoerry: Did Jeffree Star call Loona's Choerry 'untalented'? Fans say this is unforgivable

Fans dragged the beauty guru and Internet personality for the alleged comments, despite his fellow content creators coming to his defence and saying it was fake
Jeffree Star and Loona's Choerry (Getty Images)
Jeffree Star and Loona's Choerry (Getty Images)

Beauty guru, entrepreneur, and internet personality Jeffree Star has drawn the ire of the K-Pop community, particularly the fandom of girl group Loona after he allegedly deemed group member Choerry 'talentless'. But as the fandom comes crashing down on him, some wonder: did Jeffree Star really diss Loona's Choerry?

The drama unfolded after a Twitter account shared images of Choerry taken from a recent YouTube vlog the idol shared in which she stated, "Jeffrey Star...He looks like Skeletor..." Soon, images were doing the rounds on Twitter, which appear to show Star responding to Choerry with a statement of his own: "I will not tolerate an untalented girl such as yourself bashing my name online. You should be ashamed." The tweet in question does not appear on Star's account, however, and many were led to believe it was because he deleted it. The account that shared it was also seemingly suspended for a brief amount of time. But regardless of confirmation, Star's alleged comment didn't go down too well with the Loona fandom. One person shared, "IM IN DISBELIEF AT WHAT @JeffreeStar DECIDED TO TWEET ABOUT CHOERRY TODAY.. APOLOGIZE TO HER! YOURE DISGUSTING #JeffreeStarApologizeToChoerry #jeffreestarisoverparty #jeffreestarisover." And as fans started trending the hashtag #JeffreeStarApologizeToChoerry following the incident, another stated, "Jeffree’s response was less than professional. More here," linking to a music video from Choerry as their way of countering his claims about her talent.

Jeffree Star attends the Balmain Menswear Fall/Winter 2017-2018 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 21, 2017 in Paris, France (Getty Images)

And from there on, the fandom's wrath simply grew. "I’ve always known he was trash, but what he did to this queen is unforgivable," stated one fan, "You do not. And I mean it. You don’t touch my girl. IGI ur threatened by a goddess but don’t lay a single finger on her," said another. "Jeffree Star wants what she has," tweeted one fan, and several called Star out for being a "grown man picking on a nineteen-year-old girl." Many noted that Choerry hasn't addressed the situation, stating, "The way Choerry is an unbothered queen whos more successful than him." Others quipped, "Choerry, the 19-year-old pop-star that was the final nail in the coffin for Jeffree Star’s career!"

Star is no stranger to controversy, seeing as his long career has been plagued with accusations of problematic behavior which range from socially and culturally insensitive comments and products to racism. Choerry, on the other hand, is a K-Pop idol who debuted with the group Loona in 2017 and quickly became a fan-favorite owing to her cheerful personality and positive attitude. Since then, she has gone on to participate more in the group's activities, being credited as assistant manager and choreographer in their 2019 comeback album, '[X X]'. Owing to the fact that Star has been accused of racism for years and has remained silent on more recent issues concerning his friend and fellow creator Shane Dawson, as well as Choerry's wide range of creative projects, fans believe Star's behavior is unacceptable and thus are demanding an apology from him.

Girl group LOONA attend the 2018 Mnet Music Awards PREMIERE in KOREA at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on December 10, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

"You can’t address the Shane situation but you can silence a young woman of a color? Please, you’re nothing compared to her. Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon, Skeletor," tweeted one fan, while another said, "Another scary-looking [White] man trying to silence an Asian woman of color... so f*cking disgusting pls get off twitter and focus on ur sh*tty makeup." One fan stated, "I'm sick and tired of old White rich men oppressing woman and POC! ALL THAT WEALTH AND HE'LL NEVER WILL BE AS TALENTED AS MISS LOVE CHERRY MOTION HERSELF!!!" And another tweet read, "Jeffree Star really tried to silence a WOC for speaking against him. He needs to apologize to Choerry right now. He needs to stop. I can’t believe y’all gave him a platform. Shame on him and his stans." And with fans finding more ways to mock Star, including calling him 'Voldemort', it appears this beef will continue for some time, making for an extremely odd situation. As one fan noted, "Bro what is this YEAR."

But the fandom's wrath, it would seem, was all for nothing. Star's friend and fellow creator Keemstar soon tweeted, "Just spoke to @JeffreeStar, he never tweeted this. It’s a fake screenshot by Kpop Stans running a Fake News for clout!" That didn't change much, however, as users reiterated their criticisms of Star. One person stated, "Jeffree Star will reply to you on this but not anything else," another said, "We're bored and Jeffree Star isn't getting sh*t on enough. Although it should be over the awful things he's actually done but hey."