'Counting On' star Jed Duggar slammed by fans for trying to use veterans as part of his campaign strategy

Jed Duggar recently announced his candidacy for Arkansas State Representative District 89 but people think he is using veterans to get more votes in the coming elections.

                            'Counting On' star Jed Duggar  slammed by fans for trying to use veterans as part of his campaign strategy
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Jed Duggar recently made his debut on Instagram and ever since then people had their doubts about a possible announcement of the reality star entering into politics. It did not take a long time for Jed to confirm the news as he soon took to social media to confirm the news. 

Jed shared a picture with "Job Growth, conservative values. Religious Liberty" written on it and then announced his candidacy as he wrote, "I’m announcing my candidacy for Arkansas State Representative District 89 in Springdale. I'd appreciate your prayers, support, and your vote!"

Recently, he shared a picture and told his fans that every week he would come and spend time with the veterans while adding how much he applauded the work done by them. "It’s been a huge blessing getting to spend time with these veterans every week through our church’s veterans outreach," he wrote. 

He continued, "Such amazing lives! I love hearing the stories they share and singing their favorite songs and hymns with them. So grateful for their service to our country and the many lessons they have taught me personally!"

However, many people were quick to slam the 'Counting On' star as they claimed he was using veterans as a means to win the elections. "It's shameful that you would gladly hand and exploit the elderly Veterans when you would never presume to wear the uniform and make the same sort of sacrifices. You and your brothers could serve selflessly for the country you proclaim your love, instead of shilling cars for Daddy. But if you did, you might have to be under the authority of someone not of your faith, someone of color, or even worse.....a woman," wrote one user. 

Another added, "Please stop using us Veterans for political pandering. That’s a really good way to honor our service."

Meanwhile, some thought it would be good for Jed to join the military rather than politics as one comment read, "Why don't you or your brothers join up. Your country needs young men like you. Leave the politics to the older people, who have served."  Despite this, Jed has been working hard as he knows every vote counts.

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