Death of Jayce Garcia who plunged to his death resurrects tragic memories of Eric Clapton’s son’s death

Death of Jayce Garcia who plunged to his death resurrects tragic memories of Eric Clapton’s son’s death
The case of Jayce Garcia (L) is an eerie reminder of how Eric Clapton's Conor died (GoFundMe and Dexmusic/YouTube)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: Jayce Garcia, a three-year-old boy died after falling from the 29th-floor balcony of Taino Towers residential complex in Harlem on July 2. An eyewitness said that the child's mother, identified as Jayda Garcia, who was outside at the time, began to yell. Julio Garcia, the boy's father, on the other hand, ran downstairs and tried to climb onto the scaffolding to get his son but couldn't. The toddler was then rushed to Harlem Hospital, where he was declared dead. 

Now, the latest reports suggest, as told by cops, that the 30-year-old mother thought her son was playing in the next room until she saw the loose mesh mosquito netting on the balcony flapping in the wind. When the parents realized they weren’t hearing their son anymore, they began searching the kid in the apartment where the mother discovered the dead body on the third floor of the building next door when she looked down from the 29th floor. Police official said they found the body lying on the third floor after receiving a 911 call at around 11 am and also, later, reported that Jayda has an open charge against her where she is facing a previous endangerment charge, which is unclear if it’s related to Jayce or not, and is now a suspect of child neglect. Meanwhile, Julio, the toddler’s father has nine domestic violence reports under him, out of which in seven cases he is listed as a victim. However, the details of this tragic incident is an eerie reminder of how Eric Clapton's son died.


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How did Eric Clapton's son die?

Eric Clapton’s son Conor Clapton, 4, died in 1991 after accidentally falling out of the window from the 53rd-floor apartment in New York City. The distubing incident was the inspiration behind Clapton’s popular song, ‘Tears in Heaven‘, which eventually led the singer to isolate himself from the outside world while he processed the tragedy of his son's death.

According to the biography, 'Slowhand: The Life And Music Of Eric Clapton,' by Philip Norman, an excerpt of which has been published in the Daily Mail, it was the first time the acclaimed guitarist had taken his son out by himself. Clapton “intended to be a proper father,” wrote Norman in the biography. As Clapton arrived to pick up Conor for day out to the Bronx Zoo and lunch at an Italian restaurant, the tragedy struck.

As reported by police on The New York Times, a 6 feet high and 4 feet wide window was left open after it was cleaned by a housekeeper. The boy, who was not in the room during the cleaning, got through the housekeeper and somehow fell out the window, which was not protected by a window guard. "At this point it seems as if this was a tragic accident," Capt Stephen Davis, a police spokesman was quoted as saying.
At the time of the tragedy, besides the housekeeper, the boy's mother, Lori Del Santo, an Italian television actress, was in the duplex with a maid and a friend.

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