Who is Jay? TikToker drugs boyfriend to stop him from meeting friends, sparks fury: ‘This is abusive’

One aghast social media user asked, 'She’s DRUGGING him??? How do y’all find this ok???'

                            Who is Jay? TikToker drugs boyfriend to stop him from meeting friends, sparks fury: ‘This is abusive’
Screenshots from Jay's viral video which showed her followers how she drugs her boyfriend with NyQuil (@migoandjay/TikTok)

A female TikToker decided to joke about drugging her boyfriend so he wouldn’t go out often. But her viral video hasn’t been well-received by social media users. The short clip shared on the couple’s joint account @migoandjay is being met with severe criticism after the girl, Jay, told her followers how to keep their boyfriends from meeting their friends.

Jay showed her followers how she would add NyQuil into a glass of juice and offer it to her boyfriend Migo. The video later sees him “sleeping” with his legs stretched on a recliner as Jay covers him with a blanket. 

The video, which is being called out for perpetuating immoral values, has clocked millions of views across various social media platforms and garnered wide attention. While some have found an issue with Jay drugging her boyfriend without his knowledge, many have questioned the gendered double standards that allow women to get away with such abuse. 


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The caption on the video posted by Jay reads, “Attention ladies: when he says he going out with the boys later!!". After covering her “sleeping” boyfriend with a blanket, she does a victory dance. The clip was shared by the Twitter user @TrisianHaynedhas and has since received over 1.4 million views. 

There was no dearth of comments on the viral video, as Twitter users slammed the TikTok couple for normalizing abuse. 



One Twitter user opined, "This is abusive….why won’t women just let their man be happy…." Another added, "Folks in da comments talking bout she drugged him like the part of quarantine where they found sexual abuse against women okay didn’t happen." Adding to above tweets one wrote, "It’s only funny when it’s the woman… Rick Ross said this y’all was in an uproar.. Bill Cosby did this 50yrs ago he In jail now but whatever". 




Another user was shocked at the abusive practice, and wrote: "She’s DRUGGING him??? How do y’all find this ok???" Another tweet said, "If this video was a guy doin this to a female the whole tik tok would’ve been deleted death threats and all". Another user wrote, "Somebody call the cops cuz what in the mighty morally wrong ass nap time is that !?!?!". Another remarked that anyone attempting to replicate Jay's tip to keep their boyfriends home should stay single. "She drugged him, recorded it, and posted. Now other crazy ppl will do the same & have potential to kill their lovers. If you got to do this, be single," said the tweet.





The pandemic has resulted in abusive and predatory trends on TikTok. Only a few days ago, another TikTok user, Lauren Kettering, had come under fire for filming her pet pooch with its head stuck inside a jar. Kettering reportedly found the incident “comical”.

She was slammed as an “animal abuser” and Twitter users demanded that she be suspended from TikTok. She later issued an apology on Instagram Live and said she would never hurt her dog intentionally.

One Twitter user shared, “DAILY DOSE OF STUPID: TikToker Lauren Kettering films her dog with head stuck in treat jar. Laughs instead of helping dog. Gets backlash with people saying 'lauren kettering is disgusting and a animal abuser.' Lauren later apologized saying the dog is safe."



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