Man helps lost canine reunite with its owner after he stood on a street corner holding a 'lost dog' sign for two days

Once he found her, he began posting about her on social media but when that didn't help, he took to the streets to spread the information.

                            Man helps lost canine reunite with its owner after he stood on a street corner holding a 'lost dog' sign for two days

Jason Gasparik is the hero of the day, as the Charlotte, North Carolina, man who found a lost dog on Friday took up the responsibility of reuniting the pet with his owner. After posting an image of the dog on his social media account, he also mentioned about the pet on a Facebook page about missing animals in Charlotte. Although nothing happened for several days, he himself took to the streets to spread the message about the dog. 

It all began when the 40-year-old was driving home around on Friday night, and he saw a man pulled over trying to catch a dog who was running in and out of traffic on a major road in Charlotte, North Carolina, reports People.

He had then written, "@CMPD_ACC I found this sweet girl yesterday evening in Ballantyne near the post office behind Stonecrest. I’m trying to reunite her with her family. Please help by sharing my post! – at Ballantyne Country Club." He claimed that he knew someone out there was missing their brown labrador, and so he took the process of the search a step further.

He took the pup to a street corner and himself stood with a sign that read: "Do you know this lost dog??" He waited with the pet by his side for straight two days, until finally, the owner appeared to claim his dog. Jason met the owner and he discovered that Ed is partially immobilized due to a severe back injury.



He could only drive around calling her name and asking other dog-walkers if they had seen his Roxy girl. Their combined search for each other reached out to people. A woman contacted Jason over social media when she saw the post about the missing dog. Apparently the woman, too, owns a brown labrador and she met Ed while she had taken her own dog out for a walk. She immediately recognized the missing dog and led him to Roxy.  The two men met at the Stonecrest shopping center where Ed verified his breeder paperwork and the pictures of him and Roxy together on his living room couch. Jason stated, "She was so excited to see Ed."



As their story met with a happy ending, Jason took to social media to thank everyone for the help and inform that Roxy was back home safe with her master.  He wrote, "Yes, Roxy’s owner (Ed) was found Sunday afternoon thanks to the help of thousands of people’s posts on FB and Nextdoor and other social media!" He also told his followers that he has plans to meet up with Roxy and Ed soon as he will be taking Roxy for walks. 

Jason is right now the capeless hero on both Facebook and Instagram, as people are flooding his account to show their love for a man who did not abandon the lost pup. One Twitter user posted, "Dude, just want to thank you for being such an amazing human being. You certainly bring the curve way up. Just when I think there’s no hope for mankind, I see your story and my soul is a bit lighter. May only the very best in life come to you and yours... #ManAtHisBest

And not only that, Jason is also getting a lot of surprising female attention as he tells People that once the post became viral, many women have asked him out on a date and one even offered shelter for both him and Roxy. While Jason is still soaking in the sudden fame, he is taking it slow in the dating department.