US softball team slammed for losing to Japan in Olympics finals: 'Worst loss since Pearl Harbor'

Japan also took down Team USA in softball's gold medal game at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

                            US softball team slammed for losing to Japan in Olympics finals: 'Worst loss since Pearl Harbor'
Japan won the softball gold at Tokyo Olympics, after beating the US (Twitter/Tokyo2020)

Japan won the gold medal in softball at the Tokyo Olympics, resulting in a surprising upset for the US team. The Americans were a perfect 5-0 in group play and faced the Japanese in the first softball gold medal game since 2008 at Yokohama Stadium.

Japan also took down Team USA in the gold medal game at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Softball was not part of the Olympic Games since then, until this year. The USA Softball team won every other gold medal — in 1996, in 2000, and in 2004, since the sport was introduced at the Olympics in 1996.


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Japan’s victory was not taken well by some American fans it would seem. “Worst US loss since Pearl Harbor. Pathetic,” said one Twitter user. “USA looking real bad right now,” said another Twitter user. “USA is getting bodied left and right,” one person said.

Yukiko Ueno, who was pitching in her third Olympics, was undoubtedly a star in the match. Incidentally, Ueno was also reportedly the linchpin in the 2008 match. This game was the final Olympic appearance for Osterman, 38, and Monica Abbott, 35. Ueno too received a lot of praise online. “What an athlete Yukiko Ueno is. 39 years old. Pitching in the gold medal game for Japan. Fields a comebacker and just runs to first base herself to get the out. Generational talent,” one person tweeted. Another fan tweeted, “Back to back gold medals, 13 years apart.

And the common denominator is Yukiko Ueno in the circle. An absolute @JSAteamJAPAN legend. Undeniably one of the greatest to ever do it. This game is global. And it’s beautiful.”One fan wrote, “Her name is Yukiko Ueno. She's amazing. The pool game and then this gold medal game both were just a fantastic display of talent and that is a direct result of the Japanese people being invested in competitive fastpitch softball  as a professional sport.” Another fan said, “For the first time in 13 years I'm happy to see the final between USA & Japan again, and a showdown between Abbott & Ueno again! The super play defences both teams at the end were also amazing. We are great teams.”








Catherine Osterman, however, was praised. “Cat Osterman consoling her teammates after Team USA's loss tells you all you need to know about her journey. She came out of retirement for this. It didn't go her way. But she's still softball's ambassador and one of its greatest champions. Her impact on the game is legendary,” said one Twitter user. “And Japan beats Team USA in the softball final. What a run from Cat Osterman, Monica Abbott and Team USA,” said sports correspondent Al Butler. One Twitter user said, “Thank you @catosterman & @monicaabbott for all that you’ve done for our sport! There are no words that comprehend the impact y’all have made on the game! The game thanks you & we’re so damn proud of y’all!”