5-year-old who stole family car to buy Lamborghini meets Jamie Foxx, FaceTimes with Shaq and Lil Pump

5-year-old who stole family car to buy Lamborghini meets Jamie Foxx, FaceTimes with Shaq and Lil Pump
Jamie Foxx, Shaq, Lil Pump (Getty Images)

Although the 5-year-old Utah boy Adrian Zamarripa broke the law by driving his parents’ SUV in order to get to Calfornia to buy a Lamborghini with $3 from his piggy bank, he seems to be rewarded in unimaginable ways. 

After the video of him driving on the highway and getting pulled over by cops went viral, a celebrity car broker decided to make Zamarripa’s dream come true by offering him a ride in some of the high-end automobiles. 

RD Whittington, the owner of luxury car dealership Wires Only, flew the boy and his family down to California and drove them around in his fancy collection of cars, including Ferrari and a Hummer among many others. 

According to reports, “Adrian got in the driver's seat of a Ferrari, a Hummer and other fancy rides. His face lit up when he got to rev the Ferrari's engine.”

For a lucky Zamarripa, the list of surprises didn’t just end with taking a ride in his dream vehicles. Whittington even made him catch up with Shaq and Lil Pump over FaceTime. 

The lucky kindergarten-aged boy next got to meet Jamie Foxx in person as Whittington made a stop amid their joyride at the ‘Django Unchained’ actors residence. 
Previously, the boy received yet another surprise by the Lamborghini owner Jeremy Neves, who upon learning about Zamarripa’s misadventures, offered Adrian’s family a ride in his neighborhood. 

Perhaps being a car aficionado himself, Neves understood the little boy's fascination with fancy automobiles. 

He told in a statement, “He had the courage to just go after what he wanted, you know? He didn't have the skill set, let alone the size to drive a vehicle, and he figured it out.”

“Maybe he's getting punished, maybe he's grounded, maybe he's got some chores to do. I can relate to that. At the same time, I thought it would be really cool to say, 'Your dreams aren't as far away as you think they are,” he further added. 

Zamarripa’s parents, however, haven’t been charged as there was no evidence of neglect. 

But, the Wires Only owner nevertheless gave him a pep talk on the importance of staying in school and listening to his mother. 


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