Split? What split? Loved-up Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes step out for dinner date amid rumors of a break up

Amid the rumors that the two had ended their relationship, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were spotted enjoying a nice meal together

                            Split? What split? Loved-up Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes step out for dinner date amid rumors of a break up
Jamie Foxx (Source:Getty Images)

Jamie Foxx showcased his true gentleman skills as he helped Katie Holmes while she stepped out of the SUV. Jamie was spotted wearing white jeans and a navy blue polo t-shirt, while Katie looked chic and cool for the summer in her romper. The pair was headed to dinner at popular Asian fusion restaurant Tao in New York City, as reported by People.

The pair's dinner comes days after reports that suggested they had decided to split. One of the reasons for their split had been 'trust issues' from Katie's side. However, looking at the pair we still believe in love. For a long time, the pair has tried to keep their relationship away from the eyes of the media. 

The rumors about the pair dating started swirling in 2013. It is reported that Katie and Jamie would dress in disguise in order to meet each other. In 2015, Katie even sneaked out to surprise Jamie on his birthday with the rest of their pals. Despite these claims, the two decided to keep their romance as discrete as possible and often denied the rumors about them dating. However, things changed in May 2017. 

The pair was spotted holding hands as they walked along a beach in Malibu. This was the first time that the couple had made their romance public after years of hiding away from the media. Even during  Clive Davis‘ annual Pre-Grammy Awards Gala, the pair looked like a happy couple. 

Katie tried to draw less attention on her and Jamie as she decided to move her seat moments after the gala started. However, she failed to keep the attention off her as Clive called out the move, saying, “This lady left the room right when I was going to introduce her, she was sitting at that table right with Jamie Foxx and everyone else," as reported by People.  "If you’re going to sit together what better night than tonight?” he added. 

While Jamie laughed the incident away, Katie seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with the attention. Despite this, the two have not yet openly commented on their relationship. Just this year they were spotted together hanging out on Valentine's day. Unlike the other couples, Katie and Jamie decided to make their Valentine's day a tad bit special by choosing to play basketball together. The pair, who have been reported to be secretly dating for nearly five years, were seen at a basketball court in Calabasas on the holiday. 

“They were really happy,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly. “Katie was dancing as they walked in and Jamie was laughing. They seem really at ease and truly enjoying each other.” While the two may not say much about their relationship, the pictures of both of them together prove that they are comfortable and happy in each other's company.