James Moore joins Emmerdale as Charity Dingle reunites with her long-lost son

James Moore joins Emmerdale as Charity Dingle reunites with her long-lost son
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In the latest episode of Emmerdale, fans were taken aback by the shocking revelation of Charity Dingle's son. For 27 long years, she had been under the impression that her child had died after she gave birth as a teenager.

She had not heard otherwise until the latest episode where it was revealed that the baby was named Ryan by the nurses. As it turns out, the midwife who delivered him took him and lied to Charity about knowing who he is.

The police took a DNA sample and quickly returned to inform Charity that her baby did not die and that Ryan is still alive today.

The heartwrenching episode had a policewoman explain that they would still try to track Ryan down but warned her that it would be a difficult journey.

Next week, the soap will introduce Charity’s son Ryan Stocks on the screen and James Moore will be playing the long-lost son.

In the upcoming episode, Charity will learn that Ryan has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, but he is not afraid to challenge misconceptions about his disability.


With Ryan’s arrival, Charity will find herself struggling to come to terms with the guilt of abandoning her baby. With so much to catch-up on, will Ryan forgive his biological mum for leaving him all those years ago?
“We are absolutely delighted to welcome James to the show; an actor of real skill, talent and charisma. As to be expected with his Dingle heritage, the character of Ryan is feisty, funny and reckless, and with an unquenchable zest for life," Emmerdale's acting series producer Kate Brooks said.

"Ryan will not only turn Charity's life upside down, but also the wider Dingle clan as his arrival throws a massive spanner in the works. As Ryan navigates his newfound family ties and connects with the mother he never knew he had, it unearths yet another layer to Charity. His  journey on the show is jam-packed with laughter, tears, unlikely friendships and with the odd unexpected twist thrown in for good measure,” she added.


As for newcomer Moore, he said, “I’m so excited to have joined the Emmerdale cast. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and I’m having a great time playing Ryan. I leapt a mile when I got the call and I was over the moon to hear that I had got the part."

The episode titled 'Cain & Faith Flashback' has been reportedly nominated for the Soap Awards for 'Best Single Episode.' 

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