James Denton had to kiss a crew member to keep his second 'Desperate Housewives' wedding a secret

James Denton talks about the lengths of actions it goes into to make sure that the fans do not get a hint of what will happen next

                            James Denton had to kiss a crew member to keep his second 'Desperate Housewives' wedding a secret
James Denton (Source: Getty Images)

It's been a decade since the 'Desperate Housewives' hit the television screen and if there is one thing we cannot forget in the series, it is the wedding of Mike and Susan. However, talking to People, James recalled the length of struggles the crew had to go through in order to make sure people did not get to know who is bride was until the show aired. 

“[Fans] assume it was Teri [Hatcher] or Dana [Delany] and it was just some random woman I never met. And so, we show up at work and this poor girl, I had to kiss her all day,” he revealed. He went on to add that he had been uncertain about the faith of his character for a long time and remembered going on the set without knowing what his character had in store. 

"I remember going to Teri and asking her, 'Am I going to die? Am I going to live? Am I going to get married?'", he recalled. At the same time, James thought that the location of the venue was not only good but perfect for his character Mike Delfino. 

The wedding, that was shot in the woods, was a location that none of the cast members knew of. "I remember reading it in the script. You had paper lanterns and all that but when you arrived at the venue, it was just beautiful," he said. The entire reason for having a crew member dress as the bride was because the scene was surrounded by reporters and the showrunners were worried it would reveal the much-awaited scene. 

James Denton with and Teri Hatcher (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

"They had umbrellas following the woman on the sets because there were people who were on the street and who tried to figure out who Mike would marry," he continued. The ironic part is, even though James had shot with the crew member all day long for the wedding scene, he still does not know her name. "She was the most aggressive kisser," he confessed. 

"When you are on the sets you don't use tongue but this girl was in there," he laughed. He added that "as soon as it was over I was like, 'Oh my god' because you are so used to people knowing but she doesn't because she is not an actress. Then they say cut but we keep kissing and it was just a surreal thing."