Is James Corden the best replacement for Ellen? These terrible reviews shed a dim light on ‘mean’ British host

Ironically, one viewer compared Corden to Ellen and said, 'I have been to Ellen and she knows how to do it properly. Learn a thing or two James. It was a disgrace!!!'

                            Is James Corden the best replacement for Ellen? These terrible reviews shed a dim light on ‘mean’ British host
Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden (Getty Images)

It's been five years since James Corden took the reins of 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' — a late-night television talk show on CBS — and was soon buttoned-down as the happy-go-lucky dude on TV who relied more on celebrity cameos than clever humor. In a bombshell report, he may soon replace the face of TV host Ellen Degeneres' late show following her "toxic workplace" scandal.

After being slammed as a "mean host", she was accused of turning a blind eye to racism, bullying and sexual harassment on her hit daytime show. Even after her public apology, rumors are rife that she may quit the series and the staff at NBC has allegedly said that the 62-year-old may not have renewed the show before the latest controversy hit. A source told US Weekly, said: "Staffers are texting and calling each other freaking out as they fear Ellen [DeGeneres] will quit or that the show will be canceled. The show feels done. It's going to be very hard to turn this around."

According to The Sun, insiders at the show's network say that Corden was seen as "the long term successor" to Ellen much before the outrageous reports of wrongdoing came into the public light. 

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Said to be a "huge fan of James", NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy has had him "'high on his wanted list for talent and a long term replacement for Ellen," a source told The Sun. "James Corden was being eyed for Ellen's job in the long term before any of this came to light. This issue has fast-tracked everything and made everyone look at the future today," the insider said. "Currently his CBS deal is only contracted until 2022 after he turned down a five-year deal." What's more, the source also called him a "natural fit" and "easy transition".

With rumors flying around, the next big question that pops in most minds is: Is Corden any better than Ellen, or is he a rude TV show host too? A Twitter thread claims, he is "not nice" in real life. "I just searched "James Corden rude" and immediately found this TripAdvisor review of his show lol," the tweet reads along with a screenshot about how he seemed to be "more annoyed than happy with his job" and the viewers also said he was "arrogant in real life but so much fun in front of the camera".


That made us put our detective hat on and channel our inner Sherlock Holmes to get to the bottom of the case. On further inspection, we looked at the TripAdvisor Reviews from the show held at CBS Television City, Los Angeles, and found many more such reactions. 

"We used to love James Corden until we went to see a taping of the show. He comes out and completely ignores the audience. He is definitely NOT the person he portrays on TV. Do not waste your time here. We did other tours and or TV shows and they were much better organized and the hosts interact and actually speak with the audience like we are human beings," one 2017 comment read.

Another experience from March 2018 was described as: "Seriously, anyone who can’t see through this nonsense needs their head feeling. A very unfunny, untalented British guy putting on a dodgy American accent. We are all aware that these programs are scripted, but this is just an insult to your intelligence, and is a true sign of the times that talent is no clear indication for success, more right place right time or perhaps those who you know?"

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One fan said that they were even forced to laugh at the jokes. "Went to the taping on 9/26. Was one of the last 5 picked. Decent experience. Could not hear much of James nor his guest that well. Jokes were OK but you are asked to laugh regardless. I always felt that James Corden was a people person, yet at the show felt different. Hardly any audience interaction. James appeared on stage and once done he left. Did not greet nor thank the fans which I was shocked. Overall decent," the comment read.

Comparing Corden to Jimmy Kimmel, one said, "If you’re going to pick a show, the Kimmel experience is WAY better than Corden. This includes all the staff (Corden people just stood in line and talked among themselves while the Kimmel staff were friendly and chatted with everyone standing in line), the warm-up comedian, security people and anyone else involved. I know this is Hollywood/LA, but this show and the vibe is over the top superficial and stupid. Get over yourself."

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Ironically, one compared him to Ellen and said, "I am on a trip with my 20-year-old daughter and was excited to do a fun TV show together. James Corden and his staff should learn how to treat the people that keep him on TV. Do not bother with this terrible experience. I have been to Ellen and she knows how to do it properly. Learn a thing or two James. It was a disgrace!!!"

One viewer wrote: "The disappointing part was James Corden acted so annoyed to even be there, what a disappointment and shocking to us. We spent a total of 6 hours of our precious vacation time for the host to be annoyed and in my opinion disrespectful to the audience that was coached to act as if he was the greatest thing in the world. James forgot to reciprocate his thanks to his fans that have chosen to spend the time to attend his show, go to his movies and watch the Late Late Show.
We had seen Bruno Mars the night before, he is such a professional that he made his huge audience feel welcomed and appreciated. The only thing James Corden will give you is the cold shoulder. The only mistake we made was not reading the reviews before we spent the time helping the Late Late Show appear to be a fun experience." 

Well, with so many comments, it's clear that it's not just one experience but many similar ones, isn't it? If Corden replaces Ellen, will he turn out to be "mean host" part two?

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