James Bond actor Rory Kinnear heartbroken as disabled sister Karina, 48, dies of coronavirus: 'She was heroic'

Rory Kinnear took to writing a touching and emotional tribute to his disabled sister Karina who passed away after contracting coronavirus at the age of 48

                            James Bond actor Rory Kinnear heartbroken as disabled sister Karina, 48, dies of coronavirus: 'She was heroic'
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James Bond star Rory Kinnear broke the news of his sister Karina's death due to coronavirus and shared how the disease was not just killing people who would have died soon anyway. He said: 'It is making the lives of those most in need of our care and compassion even harder, even more fearful.' 

The 44-year-old actor revealed that he and his family had to say a very emotional goodbye to Karina, 48, via a video call on FaceTime. The family told her how much they loved her and also played her favorite song. Rory penned a touching tribute to his sister in The Guardian. Karina had been paralyzed from the waist down and had suffered some brain damage at birth. She had ended up testing positive for Covid-19 last week. 

The virus had "quickly attacked her stomach, her lungs, and her kidneys," Rory revealed. "Her lung capacity was so diminished that we knew, given the reports of its effects, that it was likely to prove incredibly dangerous for her. Her conditions weren’t just 'underlying', they were life-defining, for her and for us, even if she remained unaware of their severity," he shared. 

"But Karina had defied predictions her entire life," he added. "Karina was ebullient, brave, and wry, with a passion for noise, laughter, family, and chaos. And those that engaged with her, knew her, loved her, were rewarded beyond their imagination by her friendship and trust. They grew to learn, inexorably and unalterably, that our spirits exist far more tangibly than our abilities. What a lesson. What an inspiration."

Recalling her tenacious spirit, he mentioned how along with his mother’s 'ferocious determination' to keep her alive, his sister defied medicine, defied doctors, defied prognoses and even defied the capacity of human endurance. "And she would look at you and smile, as if to say: “Yep. I did it again.” She was heroic and continually inspiring. In fact, she had a daredevil’s spirit, forever finding joy in activities many might have shied away from," he wrote fondly. 

The actor and playwright shared that they had also video-called Karina the day before she had died but by then she was being kept alive via a BiPap (bilevel positive airway) machine. The family was told to say their final goodbye virtually on Saturday, May 9. 

Rory also shared a picture of himself and his sister with the fee being contributed to the Choice support charity group. In 1988, Rory lost his father Roy Kinnear who had suffered a heart attack after falling from a horse during the making of 'The Return of the Musketeers' in Spain. As a result of the fall, Roy had suffered from a broken pelvis and internal bleeding in 1988. He was rushed to hospital but passed away the next day from a heart attack that had been brought on by his injuries. At the time, Rory had been just 12 years old while Karina was 16. 

In honor of Roy, a specialist home was opened in his name and was built for six young adults who had severe disabilities. Karina had started to live at the home which is located around 10 minutes from her mother's house. 

Many social media users shared their condolences and commented on Karina's death. One such user wrote, "This is so moving. It made me cry. How can we allow this to happen? Where is humanity and compassion. Sincere condolences to this wonderful family."

A second user shared, "I was in tears after this. Utterly heartbreaking for Rory and his family. Rory, your sister sounds an amazing and beautiful woman. Her loss has left a huge gap in your lives which must hurt so much. I am sending you and your family a mountain of love xx." 

"Beautiful, heartfelt, and moving tribute to a sister he cherished. RIP Karina xxx," commented a third. 

According to data from John Hopkins University, the United Kingdom has seen 227,741 confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far with around 32,769 deaths. 

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