Jake Paul faces $2.5 million lawsuit for trashing rental home

Jake Paul faces $2.5 million lawsuit for trashing rental home
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Jake Paul, the brother of vlogger Logan Paul, is back in the news and not in a good way. The YouTube star has reportedly been sued for damages to the tune of $2.5 million after he trashed an LA house that he rented in 2016. The case was filed by Cobra Acquisitions, who own the property, in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. Jake rented the house in May 2016 for $17,495/month. When he finally moved out in December 2017, he allegedly left destroyed furniture, dead landscaping and possible fire damage in the pool.

Jake and his brother Logan are no strangers to controversy
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Paul's representative, in a statement to TMZ, claimed that the damages were "minimal compared to the amount they're asking". The representative also stated that Cobra, after Paul had completed a year of tenancy, attempted to increase the rent and security deposit instead of asking him to leave.

According to the Wrap, the lawsuit states that Paul and others "performed a number of dangerous and damaging stunts at the Subject Property including lighting fires in the backyard, filling the pool with cereal, draining the pool and lighting a fire in the pool, hosting parties at the roof, installing a trampoline on the roof, and making holes in the interior walls of the Subject Property."

The damages were reportedly so severe that Paul took it upon himself to install a new floor and conduct some other repairs without informing Cobra. The controversial celebrity has been also been accused of holding raucous parties that brought a number of complaints from the neighbors of the rented property. Cobra has stated that the damages caused by the prankster far exceeded the forty thousand dollar security deposit that Paul paid for the house.

"They say they want punitive damages because they say they didn't know Jake would use the house for his pranks, but the original lease states it's for Jake's personal use," Paul's representative added.


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