Jaden Smith shares 'Syre: The Electric Album'

Jaden Smith shares 'Syre: The Electric Album'
Jaden Smith (Source: Getty Images)

Jade Smith celebrated his 20th birthday on July 9 with the release of a brand new album. Well, it's not so much as a wholly original studio album as a reworking of his 2017 debut album 'Syre'. But there is something intriguing about the reworked album, titled 'Syre: The Electric Album'. It is technically the first-ever album to be released exclusively on Instagram. 

The tracks featured on 'Syre: The Electric Album' appear to be stripped down versions of the original songs, with each of the five tracks — 'Lost Boy', 'Ninety', 'Young Love Dies Young', 'ICON?', and 'B' — accompanied by "new millennial pink–infused Syre-related" visuals. A separate Instagram post by Jaden states, "Syre: The Electric Album In Its Original 432hz Format."

Smith's latest project arrives a few days after he shared the visuals for the song 'Ghost.' Believed to be the lead single from the young rapper's next album, the 'Ghost' visuals find Smith roaming the streets of Tokyo with his crew. While a release date has yet to be confirmed, Smith previously revealed in an interview that his sophomore album, with the working title 'ERYS', would be dropping in 2018.


Check out the track list below.

'Syre: The Electric Album' Tracklist:

01. Lost Boy (Electric)
02. Ninety (Electric)
03. Fallen (Electric)
04. Icon (Electric)
05. B (Electric)








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