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Jacob Elordi’s peck on Tommy Dorfman’s cheek goes viral, fans say 'normalize straight and gay friendships'

Tommy Dorfman is married to Peter Zurkuhlen and the pictures that have gone viral have fans rooting for Elordi and Dorfman's friendship
Jacob Elordi and Tommy Dorfman (Getty Images)
Jacob Elordi and Tommy Dorfman (Getty Images)

'Kissing Booth' star kissing '13 Reasons Why' actor Tommy Dorfman on the cheek has gone viral on Twitter after pictures of the same were shared by Dorfman on Instagram. In the picture, we see Jacob Elordi hugging Dorfman and planting a kiss on their cheeks. This picture has fans rooting for the two actors' friendship and this also has many wondering if the two are dating. Many also shared that they began shipping the two only to realize later that Dorfman is married to Peter Zurkuhlen. 

This one fan shared the picture and wrote, "Jacob Elordi?? All I can say is this is the biggest, most wonderful plot twist ever."


Another fan shared, "So apparently Tommy is married but I’m still here for Tommy and Jacob Elordi’s friendship. I love to see it!"


Another fan wrote, "You’re telling me Jacob Elordi is bi? and I now have twice the competition? not that I had a chance but damn okay."


Some fans of Dorfman and Elordi are telling off users who are accusing Elordi of being a homewrecker (on account of Dorfman being married) or bisexual (for assuming just because he kissed his friend on their cheek). They asked if people do not kiss their friends, and also pointed out that it is necessary to normalize the portrayal of affection between a man and a non-binary person. 

One fan wrote on Twitter, "I’m reading the Jacob Elordi trend and dying at how stupid ppl are. Tommy is married if he was cheating he wouldn’t post it on his Instagram ffs! and have none of ya’ll ever kissed a pal? on the CHEEK? ever? idk Jacobs sexuality but the assumptions running wild are embarrassing."


Another friend shared a GIF and wrote, "Not y’all being homophobic about Jacob Elordi kissing his MARRIED friend on the cheek. Y’all can’t be fr."


Another user also pointed out, "So in this scenario either Jacob Elordi is bisexual or he is all up on a married person. But if the pic were two girlfriends and one of them is married no one would said shit. Because girls can show affection but guys giving affection is gay????"


One fan shared the pictures of the two stars and wrote, "Normalize straight and gay friendships with Jacob Elordi and Tommy Dorfman." 


Another angry fan wrote, "Can you guys stop saying Jacob Elordi is bi.. and stop using he/him pronouns for Tommy Dorfman.. they are nonbinary and they use they/them pronouns.."


This also comes after fans wondered why Elordi is with Dorfman if he is dating his 'Euphoria' co-actor Zendaya. While neither of the actors had confirmed their relationship, fans have been shipping the two of them.