Jackie Cohen's video 'Darlin' spells out her anti-folk sentiments through a psychedelic vision

Jackie Cohen brings out the vibrant shades of anxiety through her wacky new video, where she depicts depression through various colors.

                            Jackie Cohen's video 'Darlin' spells out her anti-folk sentiments through a psychedelic vision
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Spacebomb Records artist Jackie Cohen has released a video of her new track, 'Darlin', and it will certainly give its viewers a psychedelic trip with its gaudy, over-bright shots. The video has been directed by Anise Mariko and was shot in Los Angeles. 

Jackie said of the video “For this video, I wanted to do a sort of exaggerated, garish home-workout video that reflected some mechanisms of anxiety management. Emotional processing is very physical for me. I do a lot of planks and eat a lot of garbage when I'm overwrought. I love working with Anise as a director because her shots are so intimate, textural, and romantic. She's the only person I'll let straddle me for a shot. Introducing her style to Danny's video-synth editing made for a really unusual and striking aesthetic that I can hardly take credit for. My dad built the green screen and big crazy candles. Rado's footage didn't make the cut. Sorry, babe.“

Spacebomb Records operates in Richmond, Virginia. As a record label they give shape to sound "around traditional models and time-honored ways." They bring a new collage of fresh music with every release to the music community, in a way of telling their own story through the growth of the artists. About Jackie, the website says, "If you want something done right, do it yourself. Jackie Cohen hurts her own feelings in her new collection of curious poem-songs Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got the Blues. It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate your help – she’s just got it covered."

Jackie is the personification of the doomed princess who can either "stress-vomit herself" or turn her tumultuous emotions into music. Her songwriting pattern is dissected between precise fantasy and psychological fables. As mentioned on her website, "In one moment (on standout “Ladies’ Man”), she recites the inner thoughts of a woman who carries a torch for some shallow, ridiculous young grifter. In the next, she’ll zoom out for a picture of Daphne, transformed into a laurel tree only to be dry-humped by Apollo for eternity, and lets the image just hang in a pregnant silence."Her lyrics are carefully winded, as she starts singing lines on a jog or a drive, to unwind the demon within her. 

Jackie has also announced she will release her debut EP 'Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got The Blues' on June 29th, 2018 via Spacebomb. The EP was produced by Jonathan Rado, Brian D'Addario, and Michael D’Addario (The Lemon Twigs), who also serve as the backing band behind Jackie's vocals. Jackie describes the EP as being a “perfect little encapsulation of the year I started experimenting with songwriting, and of the home-studio summer camp period when Michael and Brian basically lived in my garage. There's something really special about the setup Rado was running at that time, and everyone had this bright, fresh, exciting energy that I think really comes out in the recordings.”