Jack Osbourne opens up on co-parenting his kids with estranged wife Lisa Stelly - "I’m a little more structured"

Jack Osbourne talks about the parenting skills he uses for his kids and how his way of parenting is different than the one his parents had for him.

                            Jack Osbourne opens up on co-parenting his kids with estranged wife Lisa Stelly - "I’m a little more structured"
Jack Osbourne (Source:Getty Images)

Not all parent-separations have to end with drama, pain and awkwardness in the family; some can be even as cool as Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly's, who've decided to co-parent their kids in a structured manner. In an interview with People TV, the actor opened up about the unconventional parenting style that is being followed in the house of his parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

He believes his parenting skills for his kids, Minnie Theodora (4 months), Andy Rose (3), and Pearl Clementine (6) are "little different" from that of his parents - Sharon and Ozzy. 

Speaking about which he said, "I’m a little more structured with my kids than my parents were with me. Like, I won’t take them out of school just to go travel.” 

Even though there are times when they (Jack and Lisa) take their kids out for travel, he thinks it is better to have a structured form of parenting style. “We do a little bit, but I think structure is healthy,” he added. Jack and estranged wife Lisa separated early last month. 

Just two weeks after the birth of their daughter, Minnie, Lisa went and filed for divorce. The couple had been together for six years and in the court documents that were obtained by The Blast, the reason for their divorce was stated to be 'irreconcilable differences.' She even filed for joint legal and physical custody of the children and requested for child supervision from both the parties. 

The couple even brought out a joint statement in order to stop any rumors about their marriage from spreading. The statement read as follows:

"First and foremost, we absolutely still love each other. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work. What’s best for our family right now is that we separate lovingly, and remain best friends who are committed to raising our children together. We are disappointed but feel confident that we will continue to grow our relationship as co-parents and best friends."

Despite the split, both are equally involved in the lives of their kids. Jack revealed that he and Lisa are “doing really well” in co-parenting their daughters. “It’s all you can really ask for at this stage,” he said. “It’s great.” Jack admitted that his daughters are “the most girly girls imaginable," and he often finds himself surrounded by toys and every other girly item. 

“My middle one, Andy, will only wear, like, big gowns all day long,” he said. "Like she’s going to a quinceañera every day.” Meanwhile, Jack admitted that he is not fully aware of how to do hairstyles for girls but tries to the best he can. He says “ponytail game” is “getting better” by the day. “I can sloppy braid,” he shared but admitted that  “it’s not tight.” The father of three often takes to Instagram to show his skills when it comes to creating new hairstyles for his daughter and without any doubt, they all look adorable!