DJ Screw fans slam ‘Slowed and Reverb’ trend, call it gentrification of ‘Chopped and Screwed’ music style

Houston-born DJ Screw, who is the creator of the 'Chopped + Screwed' technique, died in 2005

                            DJ Screw fans slam ‘Slowed and Reverb’ trend, call it gentrification of ‘Chopped and Screwed’ music style
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Without credits for creative works, an artist not only loses motivation but also loses recognition on the world stage while their creations might be rocking in popular discourse. Something similar happened with late Houston born hip-hopper, DJ Screw who is the creator of the now-famous 'Chopped + Screwed' DJ technique. It has been modified to 'Slowed + Reverb' style by Jarylun Moore, who goes by the name of 'Slater'.

Though changes are transformational in the music industry with songs and styles blending well and inspiring new creations, in this case it's being argued that the 'Chopped + Screwed' creator DJ screw has been scrapped from credits despite inspiring the new creations in pop culture. Instead, people are more inclined towards the new style that has shot up the popularity of Slater over Screw. As per website Pitchfork, the new style is discovered by “suburban white teens” that has thrived on YouTube in recent years. A viral TikTok video has also surfaced showing White teens explaining the 'Slowed + Reverb' concept that has infuriated the fans of DJ Screw. 

Who is Slater?

Before venturing into music, Slater was a photographer and stylist as per Spotify bio. He is known for his remixes and is branched into creating originals too and currently has a nearly 60k subscriber base on YouTube. The artist who draws heavy influence from alternative music came to fame after his remixes of 20 minutes (Lil Uzi Vert) and Astrothunder (Travis Scott). As per Spotify bio, “his smooth and melodic remixes introduced the 'Slowed + Reverb' culture to the world, and took the Internet by storm.”

No credit for DJ Screw?

DJ Screw was a pivotal figure in the Houston hip-hop community and was the leader of Houston’s ‘Screwed Up Click’, an American hip-hop collective. Screw led the band to its glorious journey inventing the 'Chopped and Screwed' sound. It was created when Screw slowed down the tempo and torqued with parts of hip-hop anthems, giving them a new sound that he felt was more relatable to masses with simplified lyrics. Screw who goes by the name of Robert Earl Davis Jr released over 350 mixtapes and was recognized as an innovator at the regional grassroot level until his death in 2005 due to codeine overdose. The underappreciated avant-garde artist saw a feather in his glory after Texas governor Rick Perry honored him by making him an official 'Texas Music Pioneer'. His remarkable achievements touched skies when Houston Press named his 1995 album ‘3 'n the Mornin' (Part Two) as no. 13 in its list of top 25 best Houston Raps of all time. 

Twitter war on the music style

Owing to his influence in shaping hip-hop culture in Houston, music aficionados are arguing that after Slayer got fame, DJ Screw’s contribution to alternative music who inspired Slater’s genre, is going unnoticed. People are saying the 'Slowed + Reverb' music is actually 'Chopped and Screwed' and it was popularized by Black Houstonian rapper DJ Screw in the '90s thus reviving his legacy. DJ Screw’s fans are saying he worked too hard for the music scene to flourish and it is not right to completely dismiss his legacy and gentrify his art form. Many are calling Slater reinventing the music as “literally just kids slowing down music” while they see DJ Screw’s music as an original contribution. After a video of a White teen surfaced on the internet about the young population’s craze with Slater’s music, the internet feels the video is more disrespectful to Screw’s legacy. 


“Not white teens on Tik-Tok thinking they invented slowed + reverb music love that is called “chopped and screwed” and it was popularized by BLACK Houstonian rapper DJ Screw in the 90’s before any of y’all we’re even born,” said a user.


“DJ Screw is trending on twitter after a Caucasian girl on TikTok speaks about how “Chopped & Screwed” music was created calling it “Slow & Reverb”, one wrote. 


“I just saw why DJ Screw was trending... y’all not about to sit up here and act like 16-year-old white kids made slowed and reverb music. Screw worked too hard for y’all to completely dismiss his legacy and gentrify his art form. R.I.P to the TRUE KING of the south,” added another.


“One is a legit production style and subculture within hip hop, the other is literally just kids slowing down the music. I think even more people (young kids) are aware of Dj Screw because of this thing too! I don't see the harm that is been done!?” said a fan.


Many are now paying tributes to the late DJ. “Slowed + Reverb is the gentrification of Chopped & Screwed. RIP DJ Screw”. 


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