J-hope calls BTS' 'Chapter 2' a 'temporary break', surprised the Internet misunderstood them

J-hope calls BTS' 'Chapter 2' a 'temporary break', surprised the Internet misunderstood them
J-hope shares BTS will have solo as well as group projects side by side (@BIGHIT_MUSIC, @bts_bighit/Twitter)

While the annual BTS Festa Dinner has been a tradition where the boys get together on their debut anniversary to party and chat with fans live, the 2022 edition for their ninth anniversary has become infamous for a shocking announcement. The global K-pop group shared that they would be going on ‘hiatus’ and focusing on their individual careers for the second chapter of their lives. A majority of fans and the media misunderstood them and felt that BTS had unofficially disbanded which surprised the members including J-hope.

Along with HYBE themselves, several of the members came online immediately to assure fans that they had not disbanded and were not on hiatus. However, the majority of the Internet still did not believe them as leader RM had shared that in ‘Chapter 2’, they would be together as a group but would focus on their solo careers. Fans feel that this means no more group music, concerts or content. But that doesn’t seem to be the case as weeks following the BTS Festa Dinner, we have been getting group sightings, two concert announcements and content recording. They were also present at J-hope’s solo debut listening party.

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J-hope clarifies ‘Chapter 2’

J-hope became the first member to make his solo debut in ‘Chapter 2’ as he released the album ‘Jack in the Box’. It was received with much pomp as half of the Korean music industry attended his party and the album topped charts worldwide on iTunes. The BTS rapper also decided to clarify ‘Chapter 2’ once and for all as he slammed those who had claimed that BTS would be on hiatus as a group and shared that it was all a misunderstanding. In an interview, J-hope recalled that they simply wanted to take a temporary break as they wanted to try new things.

He said, “When we talked about the temporary break, or focusing on solo projects, we really just were trying to be honest with how we feel and what we want to pursue going forward. I was a little surprised that people took it in a different way than how we expected them to receive or understand that news. I think there was a little bit of loss in translation as we conveyed that message. And definitely we’re not on hiatus. The team is going to remain active.”


BTS to do solo as well as group projects

He also echoed RM’s sentiments that the fast-paced K-pop industry did not let idols grow as individuals and artists as they would need to stay active continuously to stay on top of the game. To make an actual mark and stay together longer, J-hope shared that Chapter 2 was necessary, “We grew together as a team over the last decade…So for BTS to sustain longer and to even leap forward, we thought that Chapter 2 was definitely needed…now perhaps it is our time to grow and to pursue what we wanted to do as individuals and focus more on personal growth as individuals.”

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But J-hope again clarified that despite having solo projects, they were still capable of having group activities, “[Chapter 2] does not mean we are putting a stop on BTS group projects, of course. So we expect that after gaining all these experiences and having individual projects, we will have a greater synergistic effect as a team, and we believe that that is the sustainable and healthy way for us to grow as a team…we will definitely be working on group projects as well as solo projects.”

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