Is IZ*ONE disbanding next year? South Korean-Japanese group prep for album while hinting at ending contract

'A majority of the members feel that they have done enough as a group,' said the agency of one of the all-girl band members

                            Is IZ*ONE disbanding next year? South Korean-Japanese group prep for album while hinting at ending contract
Girl group IZ*ONE performs on stage during the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.

Is it the end of IZ*ONE? Amid rumors of the group’s disbanding in April 2021, IZ*ONE is all to make a comeback next month. 

According to Korean media outlets, the group will come back with a new album after June when they were last seen with their third mini-album 'Oneiric Diary'. The report stated that IZ*ONE members are currently preparing for the new stage choreographies of the album which is likely to drop mid-December. 

IZ*ONE, created from Mnet’s reality show ‘Produce 48’, is supposedly disbanding next year, another report suggests. The report further states that currently each member and their agencies are in talks, taking opinions on whether or not the members will be renewing their contract in April when the present contract ends. 

A member’s agency said, ”The members’ thoughts are the most important. They’ve promoted for a long time and have received a lot of love from fans. The majority feel that they have done enough as a group.” He added, “The members are currently preparing for a new album. They will also be attending the end of the year ceremony so they plan to talk about making a final decision early next year.”

IZ*ONE first stated their intention of disbanding in Japan where they have sold 310,000 copies of their debut album. The group is likely to release its first photo album in March next year before disbanding in April. If IZ*ONE disbands, it would mean an end of Produce series groups who have come in controversies regarding manipulating viewer votes.

IZ*ONE was recently mentioned in an article of Weverse magazine where the group has been identified as one of the seven idol groups who have more sales than TXT. The mentioned groups are, BTS, Seventeen, NCT, EXO (EXO-SC), IZ*ONE and TWICE.


On hearing the news of their disbanding, fans were heartbroken as they shared their feelings on social media. One fan wrote, “At this point let them be permanent like who cares” Another wrote, “I mean company create groups hoping to get financially stable. IZONE is a top group who generates lots of money. If the members were to go back to their company, I don’t see them making more money than they are now being in IZONE. It’s a win-win for all to have them permanent.”

An angry fan posted, “LITERALLY WHAT IS THERE TO DISCUSS? SWING AND AKS COULD LITERALLY SPLIT SOME OF THE MONEY WITH THE GIRLS' AGENCIES SINCE THEY MAKE ENOUGH MONEY FOR IT. It's not likely that they will make as much money if they were to redebut them in other groups or as solos.” Another said, “They best NOT play with US!!!!”








IZ*ONE was created with both Korean and Japanese trainees from Japanese company AKB48 and their Korean counterparts. The group consists of Jang Wonyoung, Miyawaki Sakura, Jo Yuri, Choi Yena, Ahn Yujin, Yabuki Nako, Kwon Eunbi, Kang Hyewon, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chaewon, Kim Minjoo and Lee Chaeyeon. They debuted both in Japan and Korea with their extended play (EP) 'Color*Iz' in 2018.

Their first release marked great success as it sold over 225,000 units including peaking at number 2 on South Korea's Gaon Album Chart. The whole album along with its lead single 'La Vie en Rose' also charted in Billboard World Albums and World Digital Songs respectively. 
IZ*ONE has also held their first concert within one year of their debut in 2019 'Eyes on Me'. They have also won multiple accolades including Mnet Music Awards for Best New Female Artist and New Asian Artist in 2018 along with Seoul Music Awards for New Artist in 2018.

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