What are Trump Administration Accomplishments? Ivanka Trump sparks fury after sharing a WhiteHouse.gov page

What are Trump Administration Accomplishments? Ivanka Trump sparks fury after sharing a WhiteHouse.gov page
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On January 16, Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to President Trump, sparked outrage online after sharing a WhiteHouse.gov page titled Trump Administration Accomplishments.

The dedicated page enlists with elaborate detail every single ‘accomplishment’ of the POTUS in the past four years while in office. 

Under multiple themes and categories, the page shows all the work done by the Trump administration till January 2021. However, the tall claims and vague achievements listed on the page did not sit well with a majority of the Americans. They have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to question Ivanka’s motive behind the move, while also taking their time to enlist the negative aspects of the Trump administration in the last four years. 

What is Trump Administration Accomplishments?

President Trump is already embroiled neck-deep in controversy following his second impeachment – the first time in history a President of the USA has been impeached not once, but twice. Especially after the horrific Capitol Riots on January 6 incited by Trump’s speech, Americans have not held back to express their dissatisfaction with the Trump administration. 

Perhaps to allay the mass hatred to some extent, the Trump administration decided to hurriedly take a look back and conjure such a list overnight. It seemingly appears that the page was created under short notice, given how the ‘accomplishments’ have been presented under basic pointers without any evidential backup like statistics, photographs, official documents etc. 

And then comes the problematic parts of the document. At the very beginning, the list talks about the ‘unprecedented economic boom’ in the USA under Trump. The list begins with the vague claim that Trump built the world’s most prosperous economy before the ‘China Virus’ invaded the country. 

The term ‘China Virus’, used by many to describe the COVID-19 virus, has been dubbed by experts as racist and derogatory. However, Trump brigade seemingly continues to use the same unabashedly. In fact, there is an entire category titled “Life-Saving Response to the China Virus.”

Some of the most absurd pointers

If one takes their time to scan thoroughly through the list, one is sure to find ambiguous pointers like -

“Small business confidence hit a new high.”

"Manufacturing optimism nearly doubled."

These claims are quite amorphous for the average citizen to perceive clearly. 

In addition, hugely criticized decisions made by the Trump administration were also listed under ‘accomplishments’ simply by tweaking the words a little. 

Take these from instance -

“Withdrew from the unfair, one-sided Paris Climate Agreement”.


“Removed government barriers to personal freedom and consumer choice in healthcare.”

And there are some pointless mentions of ‘accomplishments’ as well which are confusing, if not hilarious.

Things like -

“Suspended all travel from China, saving thousands of lives.” - which in no way can be assumed as an accomplishment rather than an absolute necessity. 

Twitter reactions

Moments after Ivanka Trump tweeted the page link, the internet unified to shower her with comments and reactions, highlighting the redundancy of the page in itself. 

A few Twitter users listed the negative pointers in response.

“Here’s the summary 

-400,000 dead Americans 
-bankrupted farmers 
-Negative job growth 
-Trade deficit increase
-GDP decrease 
-loss of global leadership role 
-rise in bias crimes 
-rise in domestic terrorism 
wrote one user. 



Another disgruntled user pointed out how the first 'accomplishment' itself on the list is a lie. "First line is a lie. He didn’t create 7 million jobs. There are less employed now than when he took office," the user commented. Author Marianne Williamson even went to the extent of suggesting the Ivanka should opt for sitting with support groups. "There are Anonymous support groups you can go to. No one would judge."



Another user wrote in ridicule, "Oh you're upset about my daddy inciting a riot? Well here's a list of inflated lies about things my daddy didn't really do and stole credit for.. "


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