Ivanka and Jared unable to find comfort in marriage post election, says expert: 'They aren't super-affectionate'

Ivanka is 'highly biased towards her father Donald Trump's actions and often excuses them' but she is 'more likely to blame others,' a body language expert wrote

                            Ivanka and Jared unable to find comfort in marriage post election, says expert: 'They aren't super-affectionate'
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A spotlight is shining on the kind of relationship that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner share after the couple, who serve as senior advisers to President Donald Trump, tried and failed to get the POTUS to concede the presidential race to President-elect Joe Biden. But now that both their stints at the White House are inevitably coming to an end with the administration's collapse following the contentious election, the couple will need to think about what next to spend their time on. 

As for Ivanka and Jared's relationship in public, body language expert Patti Wood weighed in for Refinery29. According to the expert, the pair show signs of not being "super-affectionate" with one another. The remark was made after Patti, who wrote 'Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma ' studied a series of photographs of Ivanka and Jared together from the G20 summit in Argentina two years ago. She added Ivanka showed "tension throughout" her body, including her face "where you see a tight smile". He was "also ever-so-slightly leaning away from her", Wood detailed, suggesting that Jared "may want to be seen as his own person at the event". "They're not finding comfort in each other. It may be because the spotlight is on them, and the formality of the event itself is creating that body language," she said. 

(L-R) Senior advisors to President Trump Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump arrive for a signing ceremony for the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement on the South Lawn of the White House on January 29, 2020 in Washington, DC.  (Getty Images)

As for Ivanka's posture, in most pictures, she showed signs of mirroring the first lady Melania Trump, who often draws from her impeccable lines from the days of her career as a model. Although she is used to showing little warmth to her own husband when it comes to her dad, she does demonstrate a "bias." Dr. Reneé Carr, a psychologist, and political and corporate adviser reviewed footage of Ivanka staunchly defending her father this year after she was questioned about the kinds of comments he had used for his opponents. The expert said that the first daughter was "highly biased towards her father's actions and often excuses them," which means she is "more likely to blame others".

She also noted that Ivanka was "offended" with the fact that someone was seemingly insulting Trump. "She closes her eyes as a subconscious act of not wanting to see anything less than perfect about her dad," the expert said. "Ivanka is aware of the love and fondness her father has for her, she is also an intelligent and ambitious young woman. As such, she knows how to get what she wants from her father; and Trump is pleased to knowingly oblige her."

Trump has previously admitted that Ivanka is his favorite child and he preferred her over his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. However, the toxic, insulting nature of his presidency might have made a possible future life for Ivanka and Jared in New York - close to what they once enjoyed before - next to impossible. Jill Kargman, socialite and daughter of Chanel's former chairman Arie Kopelman, told Tatler she "knew enough outraged New Yorkers who will ice them socially", adding: "I’m not saying they’ll actively throw tomatoes but they’ll be off guest lists and shunned in restaurants. Once ‘rona is gone and people are filling Broadway shows, bars, and charming streets for strolls, they won’t be able to do any of that because the boos will be deafening."

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