Ivanka Trump is on 'frantic damage control mode' after father's loss to revive her own image, says reports

The presidential adviser's political future looks uncertain, at least at the moment, even if she is desperately trying to show that her father's rule has not been too bad

                            Ivanka Trump is on 'frantic damage control mode' after father's loss to revive her own image, says reports
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President Donald Trump’s loss in the presidential election of 2020 has put a lot of promising careers in a jeopardy, at least for the time being. Senior presidential adviser Ivanka Trump’s is one among them. A lot of quarters were seeing her as the next big Trump but with her father facing a shattering loss which many in his camp didn’t anticipate, Ivanka stands to lose a lot and if reports are to be believed, she is putting in an all-round effort to revive her image and with that, future chances in public life.

There have been several reports over Ivanka’s fate once Trump leaves office. While the 39-year-old businesswoman-politician kept on backing her father till the last moment before realizing the writing was on the wall, she also reportedly started distancing with her father because of her own legal problems. A report in the New York Times said last week that the outgoing first daughter could find herself involved in two separate fraud probes by the NY attorney-general and Manhattan district attorney’s office. The probes are pursuing Trump’s business dealings as head of the Trump Organization. Ivanka was the vice president in her father’s company before joining the White House as presidential adviser. 

Ivanka trying to prove Trump rule was not too bad

Journalist Bess Levin has come up with a discussion on Ivanka in her column in Vanity Fair published on Wednesday, November 25. In it, she said Ivanka is finding herself in an “extremely frantic damage control mode”. She also said that the president’s daughter has been trying to prove on social media that the Trump administration is not the worst in the history of America’s presidency. 

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Levin says in her piece: “When Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner first took jobs in the White House in 2017, they presumably assumed that eight years later, they’d return to New York and be crowned the king and queen not just of an exclusive social set but the city — nay, the entire globe. Vogue would put them on the cover of the September issue. Billionaires would beg them to sit on the boards of their companies to lend an air of credibility… Instead, they’re being unceremoniously booted out of the place after just four years, with significantly worse reputations than when they started.” She said Trump’s one-term stay in office has done little to help the reputation of both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who is also a senior adviser to the president and has played a key role in the outgoing administration.

To give an example of the hardships that Ivanka and Kushner are facing and could face even more in the post-Trump years, Levin said “a former friend of” the power couple told her colleague Emily Jane Fox, also of Vanity Fair, that people with self-respect, careers, morals and a respect for democracy — or those who do not want their friends to shame the duo privately and publicly — will stay at a distance. 

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The columnist cited a tweet that Ivanka posted on Tuesday, November 24, as an example of her “extremely frantic” damage-control act. Ivanka tweeted that day saying: “FACT: Greenhouse gases generated by the U.S. will slide 9.2% this year, tumbling to the lowest level in at least three decades.” 


To counter the post that Ivanka perhaps did to show that Trump’s policies have not been entirely out of place, Levin said the tweet might sound impressive but facts like greenhouse gases are down because of a reason and that the president and Kushner screwed up the US’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic killed its worth. 
In another tweet, Ivanka congratulated America saying “Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 30,000 for the first time ever!” Levin, however, found it ironic since Ivanka’s father had predicted earlier this year that the stock market would nosedive if Biden won the election. 


“The reason the Dow is up is that investors appear to be relieved Biden is going to be president,” Levin writes in her Vanity Fair column. “Anyway, despite Ivanka’s efforts at image-rehab, it seems the couple has read the writing on the wall, and seemingly plans to spend less time in their old city than they did prior to 2017.”

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