Ivanka calls Jared Kushner party pooper after Trump son-in-law merely clapped while POTUS danced to 'YMCA'

Ivanka calls Jared Kushner party pooper after Trump son-in-law merely clapped while POTUS danced to 'YMCA'
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Ivanka Trump poked fun at husband Jared Kushner on Sunday, October 18 after he didn't participate in the 'YMCA' dance with MAGA supporters. The senior White House adviser had previously refrained from dancing along with President Donald Trump — who became an online sensation after a video of him dancing to the Village People's 'YMCA' made rounds on the internet. However, Kushner chose not to partake in the celebration this weekend, prompting his wife to call him out.

Kushner, who also serves as an assistant to his father-in-law, was among several White House officials who gathered at his back-to-back rallies in Muskegon, Michigan, and Janesville, Wisconsin, on Saturday, October 17 — with both events drawing thousands of supporters despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Bill Stepien, Trump's new campaign manager who replaced Brad Parscale, stood in front of Kushner, while adviser Dan Scavino was spotted on his left. Kushner was seen in the viral video standing next to the rally as the popular song played. While two staffers excitedly joined the crowd in mimicking the presidential dance, Kushner only clapped along with the beats.

His wife subsequently posted the video on Twitter, garnering thousands of likes and retweets. However, Kushner didn't partake on Sunday as well. This time, he was spotted waiting alongside the Carson City, Nevada, rally with Hope Hicks and other members of the President's inner circle. Nonetheless, he did flash a smile as he clapped along.


Trump has been on a three-day tour of four battleground states, including a campaign stop at the GOP-friendly Orange County, California for a fundraiser. He is slated for two more back-to-back rallies on October 19 before finally returning to Washington, DC. RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel joined the president at the Michigan stop and also flew with him to California for the Saturday fundraiser, where she was one of the hosts. The event was reportedly held at the Newport Beach home of tech mogul Palmer Luckey.

Trump recently stopped playing The Rolling Stones hit “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” at the end of his rallies, replacing it with “YMCA.” That said, the president is also known to play “Macho Man” from the Village People at the events.

President Donald Trump dances to the song 'YMCA' at the end of a campaign rally (Getty Images)

Earlier in the day, we reported how the President had inspired a new TikTok trend dubbed the "Trump Dance" that saw social media users mimic his iconic moves. The background song is reportedly a mix of "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay and "Swing" by Savage, and is now being referred to as "Viva La Swing." Last month, Victor Willis of the Village People said Trump was welcome to continue using “YMCA” at his campaign rallies, but expressed a wish to see the commander-in-chief do the iconic dance as well.

“’YMCA’ is everybody’s anthem and go-to song for fun. As for the president’s use, I have not granted permission for use at his rallies because permission is not required,” Willis told Bloomberg News. “If I were a Trump hater maybe I’d sue him simply out of spite,” Willis said. “I am not, and I’m not going to have my lawyers sue the president. But he should at least do the ‘YMCA’ dance while he’s at it.”

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