Ivanka accepts Joy Behar's challenge of taking Covid-19 vaccine first, Internet says 'you're not a doctor'

Joy Behar on 'The View' had said, 'I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it'

                            Ivanka accepts Joy Behar's challenge of taking Covid-19 vaccine first, Internet says 'you're not a doctor'
Ivanka Trump and Joy Behar (Getty Images)

There’s no doubt that everyone will be happy if a Covid-19 vaccine is developed soon, but people are worried about it compromising on safety and effectiveness. The coronavirus vaccine is one of the hot topics this election season. While POTUS Donald Trump claims it might be ready soon, his opponents are in no mood to accept that possibility. The two latest entrants to this debate are the president’s senior adviser and daughter Ivanka Trump and ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar.

On her September 9 show, Behar had said, “As far as the vaccine is concerned, I’d like to inform America — in case we don’t know this because I looked all this up for you — the mumps vaccine took four years, the polio vaccine took 20 years, and the smallpox vaccine took a few centuries. It was developed initially in 1796, when they started to think about it, and it became useful in the 1950s. OK?” She added, “It is not a simple thing to do. He will push anything to get re-elected. Don’t fall for it.”

And finally, she said, “I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it.” ‘The View’ from its official Twitter account posted the clip and wrote: [email protected] reacts to Pres. Trump saying a COVID-19 vaccine is being prepared in record time: “He will push anything to get re-elected. Don’t fall for it."



White House advisor Ivanka Trump arrives at a meeting on religious freedom at United Nations (U.N.) headquarters on September 23, 2019 in New York City. While hundreds of world leaders gather for the climate summit during the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump chose to skip the event in favor of his own meeting on religious freedom and persecution.

Ivanka also didn’t ignore Behar’s comment and hit back on Twitter saying, “Deal @JoyVBehar. I would come on your show to do so. I trust the FDA and so should all Americans. Vanquishing this virus should be our collective top priority.”



And just like her father’s tweets, this one also had many users weigh in. One user lashed out saying, "Yes, "vanquishing this virus should be our collective top priority", but obviously it has NEVER been a top priority of your father. HE WILLFULLY LIED to the American people for months, sending almost 200,000 to their deaths! More than 6M are sick. He has blood on his hands."



Another user said, "Vanquishing Trump should be our collective top priority."



One user very pointedly stated: "You're not a doctor, Ivanka. Nobody cares about your opinion of vaccines."



Another questioned, "So let me see if I have this....Your father knew how deadly this virus was and that it was going to reach us and yet he down played it, lied to us about it, and made doing things to protect ourselves from it political hot beds. Yet we should trust a vaccine he endorses?"



Another alleged, "Tragically, your father is not concentrating on "vanquishing this virus". Instead, he held death rallies and failed to inform the American public about this deadly pandemic coming to our shores from China and Europe. The blood is on the hands of the *Trump Crime Syndicate."



However, there were some who rallied behind Ivanka. One said, "Ivanka, the Trump supporters that i know have long become “immune” to anything that Joy Behar has to say. She dosen’t deserve a comment!"



Another said, "PRECISELY. Joy Behar is overrated. She has nothing to offer."



One stated, "Ivanka Trump is truly a class act and Joy Behar is truly classless."



U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference the White House on September 4, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump took questions on a variety of topics, including a recent magazine article in The Atlantic accusing him of making disparaging remarks about American soldiers.

As reported earlier, Trump had said, “It's going to be — it's going to be done in a very short period of time. Could even have it during the month of October." He added, "Contrary to all of the lies, the vaccine — they're political lies, they'll say anything, and it's so dangerous for our country, what they say -- but the vaccine will be very safe and very effective and it could be delivered very soon. You could have a very big surprise coming up."

However, according to a recent report on CNN, a federal official said it is unlikely that a vaccine will be ready by Election Day in America. The official told CNN, "I don't know any scientist involved in this effort who thinks we will be getting shots into arms any time before Election Day." Moncef Slaoui, chief adviser for the coronavirus vaccine development program, Operation Warp Speed – an initiative by the Trump administration to facilitate and accelerate the development and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines – during an interview with NPR, also said, "There is a very, very low chance that the trials that are running as we speak could read before the end of October, and therefore there could be — if all other conditions required for an emergency use authorization are met and approved. I think it's extremely unlikely but not impossible."

According to a CNBC report, the head of infectious disease at the National Institutes of Health, Dr Anthony Fauci, who is also part of the White House coronavirus task force, at a health conference on September 8 had said, "It’s unlikely we’ll have a definitive answer” by the November 3 election and maybe a vaccine will be ready by “the end of the year”. 

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