'It's Okay to Not be Okay' Episode 14: Sang-tae turns caretaker as Mun-yeong, Kang-tae struggle with the truth

The upcoming episode 14 of 'It's Okay to Not be Okay' will see how Kang-tae, Mun-yeong and Sang-tae cope with the truth about Mun-yeong's mother

                            'It's Okay to Not be Okay' Episode 14: Sang-tae turns caretaker as Mun-yeong, Kang-tae struggle with the truth
Kang-tae (tvN)

'It's Okay to Not be Okay' in episode 13 made a huge revelation about Mun-yeong's (Seo Ye-ji) mother which had until now been left to speculation by fans. After Mun-yeong's father confessed on his deathbed that it was Mun-yeong's mother who had killed Sang-tae (Oh Jung-se) and Kang-tae's (Kim Soo-hyun) mother, the latter had kept all of it hidden from Mun-yeong. However, before too long, Mun-yeong found out the truth in the most horrific manner. She was unable to accept that her mother whom she feared could actually be a killer.

So after hearing this from Sang-tae while he has an episode after seeing butterflies, the upcoming episode will see all three of our main characters respond to the new truth. Mun-yeong seems to lock herself up in her room and Kang-tae fears every oncoming minute about losing his newfound happiness. Surprisingly, it is Sang-tae who rises to the occasion and takes care of both Mun-yeong and Kang-tae during this tough time. This could also be because Sang-tae doesn't understand the gravity of the situation since he was not informed about the truth behind the woman who stabbed his mother. 

The one thing that we would like to see is who the head nurse really is, but that is also the one thing that the promo doesn't address at all. Instead, we do hear Director Oh apologize and that makes us wonder if he is apologizing for hiring someone who put patients at the hospital in danger. Sang-tae especially could have become worse, and the trauma about butterflies could end up returning sooner than expected. 

Beyond this, we also see Mun-yeong build her courage up and dress up for a meeting that would have scared her plenty even months ago. She speaks to herself and it is clear that she is waiting for her mother to come to her. However, considering her father is a dementia patient and that her mother was dumped by her father in the lake -- there are many inconsistencies that needs to be resolved. 

With just three episodes left, the show must answer questions about what really happened to Mun-yeong's mother in the past and why Sang-tae and Kang-tae's mother was killed. We would also need answers about why the head nurse did what she did and tried to provoke Sang-tae. Is she really Mun-yeong's mother or is she related to her in some manner? The scene of Mun-yeong and her father's picture being burned also signifies revenge and we would see all of these knots unraveled in the last three episodes of the show. 

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