'Itaewon Class' Episode 8 sees Jang Dae-hee trying to poach Park Da-mi's Yi-seo from Park Sae-ro-yi

This episode sees Jang Dae-hee trying to break Park Sae-ro-yi's determination by bringing on of his biggest allies to Jang Corp

                            'Itaewon Class' Episode 8 sees Jang Dae-hee trying to poach Park Da-mi's Yi-seo from Park Sae-ro-yi

After Park Sae-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon) learns that the new landlord for DanBam's building is Jang Dae-hee (Yoo Jae-myung), he is left with no choice but to figure out a way to either continue operating in the same location or move and set up the pub again. So he first sets up a meeting with Dae-hee in 'Itaewon Class' Episode 8 to figure out an action plan. When he learns that Dae-hee had bought the building only to prove his son wrong about how strong Sae-ro-yi is, he asks what Dae-hee expects from him.

He is told that he would have to fire Geun-soo (Kim Dong-hee), who is Dae-hee's illegitimate son, if he wants to run his business without any obstacles. Sae-ro-yi tells Dae-hee that he will not fire Geun-soo and adds that it would be Geun-soo's decision alone if he wants to leave DanBam. This irks Dae-hee who tells Sae-ro-yi that now he would buy every building that Sae-ro-yi rents out. He adds that he would also ensure that every building in Itaewon is owned by him so that Sae-ro-yi is out of the industry. Out of curiosity, Sae-ro-yi asks Dae-hee what would let him off the hook and he is told to kneel down and apologize. Again.

This has been something that Sae-ro-yi has struggled with. The pride that Sae-ro-yi holds so dear has to be sacrificed, the ideals that he stands for and the ones that he learned from his father would have to be destroyed if he intended to give in. This constant pressure form Dae-hee to kneel and apologize, to yield to him like a slave would to a master is something that Sae-ro-yi will never accept and that is how he ends up challenging Dae-hee. 

Dae-hee tells the Jang Corp chairman that by buying the building, he hasn't really taken anything away from Sae-ro-yi because the young man gets strength from the people who stand by him. He explains that the joy he experienced when he heard his father say he was proud of his son for what he believed in is not something that can be taken away from him. He says that the belief people have in Sae-ro-yi, including his son Geun-soo, is what will help him reach his goal. This confrontation really puts him on a disadvantage because Dae-hee now knows Sae-ro-yi's weakness.

Sae-ro-yi and Yi-seo (JTBC)

In the meanwhile, Yi-seo (Park Da-mi), who is now aware of Sae-ro-yi's background, is further angered by the fact that he accepts Soo-ah as a friend or would employ Geun-soo in DanBam. Their connection to Jang Corp is something that Yi-seo cannot accept and she even tries to get Geun-soo to quit and return to his father so that they can be allowed to work in the same location. Geun-soo agrees and when he tells Sae-ro-yi that he wants to quit, Sae-ro-yi convinces him to stay. Yi-seo doesn't like where the conversation is headed and she tells Sae-ro-yi how Geun-soo quitting would help them. 

This angers Sae-ro-yi because Yi-seo is turning more insensitive by the minute. He even goes to the extent of taking her manager badge away because he feels she doesn't deserve to work at DanBam with her attitude. Yi-seo doesn't understand why Sae-ro-yi would put up with walking a path filled with thorns instead of taking the easy way out. She fails to understand that he would only consider his goal achieved if he attains success by taking the route that Dae-hee wouldn't take. 

It takes her a sit-down session with Soo-ah (Kwon Na-ra) to understand how Sae-ro-yi can really be supported and how she can help him. Now that Sae-ro-yi has decided to withdraw his investment from Jang Corp to buy a building to operate DanBam out of, it seems as if DanBam will find its footing. Dae-hee has a different plan now. He wants to bring Yi-seo to his side and he hopes to use her against Sae-ro-yi. Will it work?

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