'Itaewon Class' Episode 4: Park Da-mi's Yi-seo decides to help Sae-ro-yi become powerful

'Itaewon Class' Episode 4: Park Da-mi's Yi-seo decides to help Sae-ro-yi become powerful
Park Da-mi as Yi-seo and Park Seo-joon as Sae-ro-yi (JTBC)

Episode 4 of 'Itaewon Class' sees how Park Sae-ro-yi tries to find footing in the hospitality industry even as his pub has been suspended for two months. In the previous episode, Sae-ro-yi's pub was shut down after his childhood friend Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Na-ra) calls the cops on his establishment for giving entry to underaged people. When Jo Yi-seo realizes that it was Soo-ah who called the cops on her best friend, and a man who has been in love with her for a decade now, Yi-seo marvels at the kind of relationship the two share.

She had first met Sae-ro-yi coincidentally when he had tried to help her deal with a bully's mother at school. Then she hears about his pub and ends up going there with her friends despite being an underage girl. She is the reason why Sae-ro-yi's business had to shut down for a couple of months and when Sae-ro-yi doesn't react as she expected — which is to get mad at her or use all his connections to stop his pub from shutting down — she is fascinated by him. 


Sae-ro-yi, Soo-ah and Yi-seo (Netflix)

So when she turns 20 years old and is able to enter pubs and clubs with her own ID, she begins to wonder about Sae-ro-yi and coincidentally, she meets him again.

This time, a guy who was "hunting" approached her for a drink and she accepted it. "Hunting" is what people on the show call flirting in clubs where men and women meet to hook up. So when things don't go as planned and Yi-seo runs into Sae-ro-yi at a men's washroom, he waits for her to ask for help. 

The last time he decided to interrupt without her asking for help, she had called him meddlesome. This time around, Yi-seo's interest in him has pushed her to ask for help and their relationship takes an interesting turn. As Sae-ro-yi turns savior, Yi-seo, who has never been in a serious relationship, realizes that she has to pursue her interest in him to understand what relationships mean. And when she offers to help him out with marketing his pub, Sae-ro-yi takes her up on the offer in So-ah's presence and this is how Yi-seo learns of Soo-ah's betrayal.


Sae-ro-yi and Yi-seo (Netflix)

After Soo-ah is constantly taunted about betraying the man who has loved her, Soo-ah confesses to Sae-ro-yi about it and then goes on to ask him if he still loves her. He says, "Yes". He believes that there must be a reason why she did what did and this annoys Soo-ah because she had expected Sae-ro-yi to come to his senses and possibly hate her. Instead, he says that he is a tad bit disappointed by her action.

Yi-seo is further intrigued by his reaction and after pondering about it, she realizes that she likes him. So at the end of Episode 4, Sae-ro-yi finds himself a new manager who promises to make Sae-ro-yi's ambitions come true and aid in becoming a man powerful enough to take on the people who killed his father.


'Itaewon Class' can be streamed on Fridays and Saturdays on Netflix.

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