'Itaewon Class' Episode 15 has no promo, but here's a spoiler-filled webtoon version of the ending for you

'Itaewon Class' Episode 15 has no promo, but here's a spoiler-filled webtoon version of the ending for you

Spoilers for 'Itaewon Class' Episode 15 

With just a week left before 'Itaewon Class' comes to an end, the ending of Episode 14 left all of us wrecked. Will Park Sae-ro-yi make it out alive and have his happy ending with Jo Yi-seo? That is the question that drives the audience's interest at this point and that cliffhanger was just another tool to keep viewers guessing at what would happen in their favorite character's life.

Of course, the answer to this question can be found in the webtoon especially considering how the show has so far mirrored its source material. 

The scene of Sae-ro-yi meeting with an accident, in the end, is a scene that is straight off the pages of the webtoon. So will the show follow the source material in its finale week and let Sae-ro-yi survive or will the show decide to veer away from the original plot at this point?

The webtoon sees Sae-ro-yi get to the hospital and Yi-seo makes it out safe as well. In one of the panels of the comic, Sae-ro-yi is admitted in the hospital and Yi-seo seems to be worried about him as she sits next to him with tears in her eyes. 

Park Da-mi and Park Seo-joon in 'Itaewon Class' (JTBC)

Do the two have a happy ending? Yes, they do in the webtoon!

We already know that Sae-ro-yi has realized his love for Yi-seo in the show, but is unable to express it to her directly. Things get out of hand too soon and we see Sae-ro-yi get hit by a vehicle just like his father did.

In the webtoon, not only does Sae-ro-yi make it out alive to the hospital, but he gets better as well.  The epilogue in Book 3 of the webtoon also features Sae-ro-yi and Yi-seo kiss each other and expected to make it to their happily ever after. 

However, the show might portray this much differently just as the scene of Sae-ro-yi meeting with an accident was changed. In the webtoon, Sae-ro-yi was stabbed by the villains, however, the show portrayed it as an accident as a call back to the incident involving Sae-ro-yi's father's death. While the end result is the same, how Sae-ro-yi ended up in this situation differed and we expect the same to take place with the finale episodes as well.

Sae-ro-yi's chances of happy ending with Yi-seo is high. However, how the two end up together will be interesting to watch out for in the finale episodes of the JTBC show.

'Itaewon Class' episodes can be streamed on Netflix.

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