'Itaewon Class' Episode 14: Will Sae-ro-yi understand his love for Yi-seo as V's 'Sweet Night' plays out?

'Itaewon Class' Episode 14: Will Sae-ro-yi understand his love for Yi-seo as V's 'Sweet Night' plays out?
Park Seo-joon and Park Da-mi (JTBC)

'Itaewon Class' has just three episodes left before the conclusion and we cannot wait to see how Park Sae-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon) comes to terms with his feelings for Yi-seo (Park Da-mi) and lack thereof when it comes to Soo-ah. We saw how Sae-ro-yi (Kwon Na ra) had to break a date with Soo-ah when Lee Ho-jin called him to meet urgently. However, he didn't seem too sad about it. But when he is speaking to Yi-seo and is interrupted by Hyun-yi he seems considerably affected. In the promo of the upcoming episode, we see Sae-ro-yi finally get a reality check as Seo-joon's best friend, BTS member V's song 'Sweet Night' plays in the background.


First, we see Sae-ro-yi meet Soo-ah at a cafe where she asks him, "Do you still like me?" However, he gets up to leave before he answers the question and she asks him to answer before he leaves. Sae-ro-yi's hesitant attitude towards Soo-ah reiterates how his feelings for her have changed over the years. Not only is she not with Sae-ro-yi, but works for his enemy Jang Dae-hee's corporation. While Sae-ro-yi is mature enough to accept her choices, he also seems to be removed from Soo-ah in the present. This is very different to how he was towards Soo-ah when he had first set up DanBam. 

It also seems as if Yi-seo might have finally confronted Sae-ro-yi because we see him ask "Why should I be the one to feel sorry for you?" He is right. He had never led her on and had even tried to change her mind about liking him. However, she was the one who decided not to give up on him. Then the promo sees Yi-seo tell Sae-ro-yi that she thinks he has started to have feelings for her. His awkward and shy response every time Yi-seo expresses her feelings only makes us think that she is in fact right. 


Then we also see Sae-ro-yi care about Yi-seo and express it when she is asleep. When Yi-seo asks him out on a date because that is her wish, he ends up making light of her suggestion but then things change quickly once Yi-seo ends up fainting while walking out with Sae-ro-yi, Hyun-yi and Seung-kwon. 

Then we also see Sae-ro-yi overhear her conversation with Hyun-yi when she says that she has to be near Sae-ro-yi despite everything that he says because she wants to be someone that Sae-ro-yi needs. Geun-soo is right in asking Sae-ro-yi, "Until when do you plan on using Yi-seo like this?" Sae-ro-yi must put an end to this because it is unfair to Yi-seo that she is led to believe that at sometime in the future Sae-ro-yi might just develop feelings for her. 

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