'Trump is having trouble breathing. It's serious': Jim Acosta's tweet sends Internet into frenzy

'Trump is having trouble breathing.  It's serious': Jim Acosta's tweet sends Internet into frenzy
Jim Acosta and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Is President Donald Trump critically ill after contracting Covid-19? This is what the nation is asking given that there is just a month to go for the 2020 United States Presidential Elections.

Recently a tweet by CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta, who has spoken on the health of Trump has irked and concerned many.

He wrote on October 2: “Trump adviser said there is a reason for concern about Trump's health tonight. 'This is serious', the source said. The source went on to describe Trump as very tired, very fatigued and having some trouble breathing. WH officials continue to say Trump will be fine.” In another tweet he wrote, “WH official says Trump is “fatigued” but not deteriorating. The official went on to say public should not be alarmed and that Trump is taking the situation 'very seriously'. WH is making plans to keep the public updated on his condition.” 





Later in a video interview with CNN he said, "I talked to a Trump campaign advisor a short while ago that said this is serious that the president has been having some trouble breathing, that he's been very fatigued today, very tired."

He then added that he talked to another source who said, ”There are serious concerns amongst White House staff about the president’s condition.” He said, “White House officials continue to maintain that the president is just experiencing some mild symptoms of Coronavirus, has a fever and they expect him to just go fine.” 

He went on to express the seriousness of the situation regarding Trump's health, “But to have the president of United States in Walter Reed where he would be staying for the next few days supporting the White House officials ...that indicates that it is more than just a mild case of the Coronavirus and the Trump advisor I spoke to earlier this evening emphasized that this is a serious for the president at this point.”

As per various media reports that are citing the White House, President Trump arrived at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on October 2. He will stay and work out of an office there for the next few days "out of an abundance of caution” as reported by CBS News.

No sooner had Jim Acosta’s comments dropped,  than a chunk of the Internet showed concern for Trump’s health and some users alleged that the “seriousness of condition” relating to Trump’s health was a lie. Some even said that Acosta does not know anything and alleged that he was lying.

A user asked for the proof behind Acosta’s statements on Trump’s health, “Do you have ANY proof?” Some alleged, “Jim Acosta is a liar.” Another concurred on Acosta, “No one trust your reporting! Big bird on Sesame Street can report better than you.”




A user wrote on the White House comments, “You know they are downplaying it to not cause any panic.” A user wrote on Trump, “No one is surprised. The guy is in terrible shape. We knew if he caught the virus it would be bad. The only one who thought any differently was Trump himself. He thinks he’s indestructible.”

Some users felt it would be a situation of jeopardy in the absence of Trump. “Well it’s dangerous cause it sends a message that we may be vulnerable to attack without a leader that’s why they want to word it carefully.” A user wrote, "Walter Reed source tells me POTUS is in high spirits, cracking jokes with staff."  









A user wrote, "Here's the video of Trump leaving the White House and boarding Marine One to head to Walter Reed hospital. He did not talk to reporters." Some prayed for Trump, “I am praying for a full recovery. I want him to suffer enough to finally take this virus seriously but recover 100% for a Nov 3rd Biden landslide. Also, he has a reservation with prosecutors as soon as he is out of office that he needs to be alive for.”




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