Is Tom Cruise the new Ellen? Internet calls him 'absolute piece of fu***ng garbage' for screaming at staff

Tom Cruise's treatment of his employees is getting him a lot of comparison to Ellen Degeneres' own controversy

                            Is Tom Cruise the new Ellen? Internet calls him 'absolute piece of fu***ng garbage' for screaming at staff
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Never meet your heroes — or read about them online. The advent of social media gives people a much closer look at their favorite stars than ever before — and a lot of the time, people do not like what they see. Earlier in 2020, popular comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres came under harsh public scrutiny as details of her unfair treatment of her employees became public. Now, as both Hollywood and social media react to Tom Cruise's outburst towards two film technicians, people are starting to compare the two stars — and neither of them comes out favorably for it.

December 16's leaked audio of Tom Cruise screaming at two technicians on set who weren't following coronavirus guidelines has gone viral. Fans have criticized the 'Mission Impossible' star for the disrespect he shows to the film's employees, and fans couldn't help but compare him to the other major celebrity whose employees had cause for complaint.

"@TomCruise Hey, just a quick note. Anger is the worst for the soul, and for your ratings. Loved watching your movies, but think I will pass on your near future ones. Respect is earned not given, just ask Ellen D Actions speak louder than words, but your words spoke loudly," wrote a fan on Twitter. "@TomCruise is an absolute piece of f**king garbage. Treats his staff worse than Ellen." wrote another. Apparently, even the film's employees felt like they had had just about enough, and started quitting. One fan responded to this news saying, "More people should quit. Tom Cruise is toxic like Ellen."




However, there are some who have noted a marked difference in the way that Tom Cruise is being criticized compared to how Ellen was. There are those online who have been defending Cruise's harshly-worded rant, believing that Cruise's anger was justified given the pandemic, and people's refusal to take it seriously. After all, the two people Cruise yelled at were ignoring Covid guidelines by standing a foot apart without wearing masks. Many don't buy this defense, however, and believe that the only reason Cruise is getting any defense from the fans at all is because he is male, while Ellen DeGeneres is female, and fans online have been quick to point out the hypocrisy.

"So Ellen is the bad guy @TheEllenShow for staff getting s**t. Meanwhile, leaked recordings of Tom Cruise giving staff s**t, threatening to fire them and he is lauded by everyone as being strong?? Notice how men and women are STILL treated differently? #GenderParity" wrote a fan. "The same year everyone is raging at Ellen for a toxic work environment, they are praising Tom Cruise for screaming at a crew member," wrote another. "I gotta take a break. People praising a man name-calling and cursing at his subordinates? That was abuse! Tom Cruise can go nuts on his crew but when Ellen complains about gum, she's an unhinged boss. Wonder what the difference is?" wrote another.




Since the news came out about DeGeneres' treatment of her employees, she has stepped down as host of the 'Ellen' show. Tom Cruise, meanwhile, remains the lead of 'Mission Impossible 7.'

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