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'Empty Lungs Neck Noise': TikTok's dangerous trend may replicate 'death rattle' sound

Individuals on TikTok are emptying their lungs of air and squeezing their necks to produce peculiar noises involuntarily
A TikTok user tries the 'Empty Lungs Neck Noise' trend (@sarahpatino1313/TikTok)
A TikTok user tries the 'Empty Lungs Neck Noise' trend (@sarahpatino1313/TikTok)

Dangerous and harmful trends are not new on TikTok. From the Tranquilizer Challenge to Penny Challenge, users keep on making viral Tiktok videos that may be damaging to them or others.  It's another day, another challenge on TikTok, and this time, it is that 'Empty Lungs Neck Noise' trend that is taking the internet by storm. And this recent one may be the strangest one to date.

Individuals on the vertical video app are emptying their lungs of air and squeezing their necks to produce peculiar noises involuntarily. While the concept and accompanying sounds are comical in nature, the trend may be tied to something slightly more morbid. So what is the empty lungs neck noise TikTok trend all about?


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What is the empty lungs neck noise trend on TikTok?

The newest TikTok trend is incredibly strange. The slew of videos with users demonstrating the concept is unbelievably hilarious but can be morbid at the same time. Individuals are filming themselves emptying their lungs of oxygen and pressing on their necks. This is for a reason but what? A user on TikTok wrote, "Saw a tiktok where someone said to push all the air out of your lungs and push on your neck to see what noise comes out. I shouldve just minded my business."

TikTok user trying the trend (@angie.zubia/TikTok)
TikTok user trying the trend (@angie.zubia/TikTok)

The answer is quite simple -- to produce a reflexive noise from their throat that is hysterical to listen to. And it couldn’t be easier to recreate. Simply breathe out until you release all the air from your lungs, press on your neck, you can press on the front of your throat or the sides, and wait to hear the involuntary noise that slips out. The noise that comes out is similar to that of "death rattle".

How it replicates 'death rattle'?

While the neck noise from the TikTok trend is meant to make social media users laugh, the sound it creates is quite morbid. The noise mimics a death gurgle, a concept medicine calls the “death rattle”.

A form of gurgling sound called the "death rattle" might be heard when someone is about to die. It occurs because they are unable to swallow or cough, which causes saliva to accumulate in the upper airways and the back of the throat. When air moves through the fluid, a rattling sound is produced.

So there you go, everyone. Even if it isn't the most positive of concepts, many find the trend to be extremely humorous. But if you do decide to try it out for yourself, make sure to go with extreme caution.