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Is 'The Out-Laws' based on a true story? Netflix set to release crime-comedy about bank robbery gone wrong

Netflix's 'The Out-Laws' revolves around Owen, who gets involved in a bank robbery with a hilarious twist of family drama
Adam DeVine plays a bank manager, Owen Browning, in Netflix's 'The Out-Laws' (Netflix/YouTube)
Adam DeVine plays a bank manager, Owen Browning, in Netflix's 'The Out-Laws' (Netflix/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: While true crime reigns as a genre in the streaming world, it's hard to come by a crime-comedy movie that's based on real events. Even though the idea of mixing comedy with crime might sound bizarre but at times, the incidents do have the potential to be a little severe. 

That's what's up with Netflix's all-new comedy-adventure film 'The Out-Laws', which features a story of crime with a hilarious twist of family drama. However, the most interesting aspect of the upcoming movie is the question of whether its premise is set on true events or if it's complete fiction. 

Is 'The Out-Laws' based on true events?

Netflix's 'The Out-Laws' is a fictional narrative about a crime that comes with a tinge of comedy, and we can ask no less, thanks to the presence of Pierce Brosnan. The trailer follows the comedic edge of the story as it portrays a confusing situation that the main lead Adam DeVine's character Owen Browning, a bank manager, comes across. Owen, who is soon to marry his partner Parker McDermott (Nina Dobrev), happens to struggle with a bank robbery during the wedding week and suspects his to-be in-laws Billy McDermott and Lilly McDermott (Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin) to be behind it. Things get more complicated when his partner gets kidnapped and has to become a bank robber himself alongside his in-laws, who teach him the ropes of how to be a criminal. 


How did 'The Out-Laws' come about to be?

With such a fun yet plausible plot, it should only make viewers wonder how the idea behind 'The Out-Laws' came to fruition in the form of a Netflix film. Adam DeVine revealed that the script had already been written years ago but only got made into a movie now in an interview with Today. "Ben Zazove and Evan Turner wrote the script and brought me the idea like eight years ago," he said surprising the show's hosts, continuing to say, "And I wrote it down in a notebook...and blew it! Lost that notebook and forgot all about the movie." It was not until he found the notebook again somehow that the script was fortunately saved. "I hit 'em [the scriptwriters] up and they were like, 'We didn't do anything with it because we thought you hated it!'," the actor shared, adding, "So then, I brought it to Netflix and we sold it there. We brought Adam Sandler on to help us produce which, obviously he's a legend so it was a dream come true." 

Netflix's 'The Out-Laws' will start streaming on July 7.