'Freaky Friday' sequel offers a shot at lost fame for Lindsay Lohan

'Freaky Friday' sequel offers a shot at lost fame for Lindsay Lohan
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, starred as mother-daughter duo in 2003 Disney film 'Freaky Friday' (Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Disney fans have much to rejoice about as another one of their all-time favorite films is returning with a much-awaited sequel. ‘Freaky Friday’ is finally getting a second part, with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis set to reprise their iconic roles in the body-swap comedy that grossed close to $160 million globally upon its 2003 release. It’s taken only 20 years for the ball to roll again, with director Mark Waters deciding that there is yet another story to be told.

Freaky Friday’ was based on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel, and became a milestone movie in the career of youth icon, Lindsay Lohan. The success of the movie was her shot at fame, which led to a few successful years in Hollywood until Lohan fell off the wagon and never recovered. Once a promising superstar, Lohan faded away from the limelight and was only heard of because of her incessant problems with law enforcement. However, the announcement of the sequel to ‘Freaky Friday’ is sure to calm the nerves of die-hard Lohan fans who cannot wait to see her don the clothes of her character in the film, Anna Coleman.


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Lindsay Lohan to reclaim fame

Lindsay Lohan was once considered America’s sweetheart, the girl next door who could do no wrong. She started her career as a child actor in the '90s, making her debut in a Disney film called ‘The Parent Trap.’ The role allowed her to get a foot in the door, but ‘Freaky Friday’ was when Lohan kicked all the doors open and movie offers fell at her feet. She went on to star in the cult film ‘Mean Girls’ and starred in other successful productions in the early and mid-2000s.

She was also a part of various TV productions and music videos, but her tryst with addictions and constant entanglements with law enforcement forced Hollywood executives to shun her. Lohan, who could have been a global star, fell from grace and never returned to the fame that was once promised. ‘Freaky Friday’ was her ticket to paradise, and after 20 years, history is repeating itself, giving Lohan a chance to climb back up the ladder and make a memorable comeback. If the script is good and Lohan agrees to it, the movie gods will smile at her and put her back in the spotlight.


What to expect from the ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel?

The 2003 comedy was the story of a mother and daughter whose bodies are accidentally switched, leading to utter chaos and confusion. The film hit all the right notes and went on to become one of the most commercially successful films of the year. The sequel, which is now being penned by Elyse Hollander, is expected to take the best beats out of its predecessor and offer the same madness and chaos that transpired almost 20 years ago. Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Lohan’s mother in the film, is equally excited and is looking to get back on the set of the movie as soon as possible.

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 Is the new ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel a chance to reclaim fame for Lindsay Lohan?