George Floyd protests: Is Woody Harrelson defending police brutality? Video of lookalike man baffles internet

George Floyd protests: Is Woody Harrelson defending police brutality? Video of lookalike man baffles internet
Woody Harrelson (Getty Images)

 Woody Harrelson has been in and out of handcuffs many times. He’s in news once again, and fans can’t stop wondering if the ‘Hunger Games’ actor is trending on Twitter for defending police and speaking in favor of police brutality in one of the videos that’s taking the internet by storm. 

In the video, a man who resembles Harrelson, (perhaps it is Harrelson himself, we wouldn’t know) is supporting the police saying the public needs to deal with him before attacking the cops. He even states that unlike the National Guard Force that’s using rubber bullets, he and his men possess “real f**king guns and real  f**king bullets”. 

While the video has garnered a lot of attention for the threatening message it promotes, internet users are rather concerned if it’s actually Harrelson who has featured in it. While one wrote, “I'm scared to even look up what's going on with Woody Harrelson”.  Another tweet read, “@WoodyHarrelson stop with your hillbilly mean guy videos. I'm skeert.”

However, a few have established that it isn’t Harrelson but a random man who holds a striking resemblance to the actor. “I swear I thought this guy was Woody Harrelson for a second. No I won't comment on his insipid shit.” read one tweet. 

Another twitter user wrote, “Have you seen this guy who kinda looks and sounds like Woody Harrelson playing a redneck? Not sure anyone wants to take him up on his offer.”

Meanwhile, his fans were simply glad to know that they weren’t Harrelson’s words. “I’m just relieved to know i can continue thirsting over woody harrelson. twitter trending had me worried he was a covert racist for like .00092 seconds,” wrote one. 

And another fan has suggested that watching Harrelson make a reverse parody of the viral video would be interesting. “lmaooo I swear to God I still don’t believe it’s not him. NOW What would make life delicious is @WoodyHarrelson making a reverse parody EXPLAINING “Defund the police”. Same outfit, same accent,” read another tweet. 

Meanwhile, a few were convinced that the viral video was in fact a parody by Harrelson. “I ain’t gon’ lie, I thought this was Woody Harrelson doing a parody of a redneck,” wrote one follower. 


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