Is Paris Hilton dating Tom Cruise? The TRUTH behind THAT viral video

Is Paris Hilton dating Tom Cruise? The TRUTH behind THAT viral video
The deepfake reel posted on Hilton's Instagram account featuring Fisher as Cruise has more than 6 million views (Instagram)

After a supposed video of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton together went viral, netizens were puzzled at this new development and questioned whether the two stars were romantically involved. In reality, the man who looks eerily similar to the 'Top Gun' and 'Mission Impossible' star is actually not Cruise.

The reel posted on the 41-year-old socialite's Instagram has more than 6 million views and shows the Cruise look-alike saying "Paris, I don't wanna be late to this premiere. We gotta go." Hilton responds, "We should always run fashionably late... It's your night." The look-alike then looks at her and adds, "You're so absolutely beautiful." Hilton comments, "Looking very sharp, Mr. Cruise," followed by the look-alike holding her and saying, "I think we're really going to wow the world."


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"Do you think people are really going to believe that we're a couple?" Hilton asks, to which the look-alike responds, "I think most people... will believe anything." The businesswoman then remarks, "Story of my life." The look-alike in Hilton's viral reel is actually Miles Fisher, an American actor and comedian.

With the help of co-founder Chris Ume, who is a visual effects specialist, Fisher gained social media popularity for the Tom Cruise content he posts. His TikTok account is @deeptomcruise which has over three million followers. Fisher told Today, "As I find myself the unofficial face of this deep fake movement, it's important to learn and I'm fascinated by this. This is the bleeding edge of technology."


"I think we've created the first deepfake that's so realistic, that a large majority of people have seen. The thesis of this company that Chris started begins with ethics. I think the technology is morally neutral. As it develops, the positive output will so far outweigh the negative, nefarious uses," he added. Meanwhile, the harm deep fake technology can cause has been a huge topic of debate, especially in the political arena.

"Deepfakes can cause real, concrete harm. Whether that's a deepfake sex video, or a fake porn video targeting political enemies, or a well-timed deepfake, maybe used to cause harm to an IPO. And in unrest, if you time it just right, you can incite violence," Law professor Danielle Citron told NBC News.


Meanwhile, Hilton is married to entrepreneur and author, Carter Reum. They began dating in 2019 and tied the knot in November 2021. The viral video has been posted on Instagram with the caption, "Paris and I are #sliving our best life [champagne bottle] [heart emoji] @milesfisher #deeptomcruise magic made with @parishilton @vfxchrisume." Users were left baffled and shocked in the comment section by how real the technology made the skit look.


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