Is Pamela Anderson okay? Actress looks tired as she calls vegans better lovers, Internet says 'she needs bacon'

'Pamela Anderson has changed a bit since Baywatch,' someone commented

                            Is Pamela Anderson okay? Actress looks tired as she calls vegans better lovers, Internet says 'she needs bacon'
Pamela Anderson called 'tired' during her interview (Twiter/Good Morning Britain)

Pamela Anderson appeared virtually on 'Good Morning Britain' from her home in Vancouver where she has been living during the coronavirus pandemic to talk about an array of topics, including her opinion on President Donald Trump, 74, potential pardoning Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, 49, and how a vegan diet could help improve sexual health. However, Twitterati could only focus on was how tired she looked and were concerned about her health. 

Her interview came after she took to Twitter over the weekend and claimed: “vegans make better lovers.” "Vegans make better lovers. The cholesterol in meat, eggs and dairy causes hardening of the arteries (and not much else) It slows blood flow to all the body's organs, not just the heart. You can improve your overall health and increase stamina in the bedroom by going vegan," Anderson wrote on Twitter amid a torrent of pro-vegan tweets.


Rather than focusing on the content of the interview, people on social media were concerned her look during the segment. "@pamfoundation looks tired. I hope she’s looking after herself #GMB," one of them said, while another wrote, "#gmb Pamela Anderson has changed a bit since Baywatch." One more said, "Probably lacking vitamin B12." Another commented, "She needs a bacon sarnie." One more commented, "Maybe she's tired?"

However, some others defended the actress. "I'm reading that some small minded brittish people are commenting on how tired how Pamela looks? maybe cause she's not pumped wi botox or has a mask on, she looks fantastic! #FreeAssangeNOW," one of them said, while another commented, "She’s 53, she looks fine. We’re all tired." The next wrote, "She's in Canada. It was the middle of the night when she was being interviewed."








Explaining her viewpoint about veganism boosting sexual health on the show, the 'Baywatch' actress said: “Cholesterol hardens your arteries but not much else,” leaving the presenter with more questions. GMB co-host Piers Morgan then asked Pamela what she based her claims on to which she replied: “A lot of research has gone into this.” The reality television star insisted “more fun things happen, even when you’re sleeping [for vegans]."

In the same interview, she also called on Trump to pardon Julian Assange, saying the move could add a “positive” to his legacy as President. "I know that I am in his ear. I know he is debating and we will see what happens. He has until midday on the 20th and I hope he makes that decision because I think that could add a positive to his legacy. I think that he is obviously against fake news and WikiLeaks is anti-fake news. It would be a perfect way to go out," she said.

Pamela Anderson attends the 17th 'Diner De La Mode' as part of Paris Fashion Week (Getty Images)

After GMB presenter Susanna Reid suggested that a pardon for Assange is unlikely, Anderson said: “I have been supporting him for a very long time and freedom of speech is really important. I think this would be monumental position that Trump could take, that would help with human rights and the rights of a free press because it is a very dangerous situation if we don’t have a free press. I think Julian should not be in prison. He is a very mild-mannered, funny, sweet man with two children. He wants all of us to have that right to be able to know what is going on in the world.”

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