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Is NewJeans the 'nation's younger sister group'? Even non-fans defend them from lipsync rumors

NewJeans is the latest group to take K-pop by storm as they became the fastest to get 10 million Spotify listeners in their 2 month career
UPDATED SEP 22, 2022
NewJeans gathers a huge crowd at its first university festival (@NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter)
NewJeans gathers a huge crowd at its first university festival (@NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: NewJeans are collecting titles like 'monster rookies' and 'nation's younger sister group' just weeks after their debut. Their songs are constantly topping charts while 'Attention' has gone viral even in the West. Well, on September 21, they were invited for their first university festival and they killed it as they gathered a huge audience, one that could even rival K-pop veterans like PSY and Winner. 

NewJeans was invited to the Danfesta Dankook University Festival where they gave an energetic performance and had the whole crowd singing and dancing with them. However, some Knetizens later went on the gossip chat forum in hopes to send them hate by saying that NewJeans was lipsyncing. While lipsyncing is not uncommon in K-pop due to the complicated choreography and hectic schedule that could ruin the singers’ vocals, it has become a point of discussion. With some K-pop idols going viral for their live singing, lipsyncing is now seen as something negative and those who sing with a backtrack or lipsync are seen as untalented.


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NewJeans' university performance sparks lipsync debate

We even had Stray Kids’ Bang Chan pointing out that idols cannot debut in the first place if they are not good singers due to the strict standards of K-pop labels. And that idols could very well lose their voice if they constantly sing day and night without any sleep. But that has still not stopped trolls from hating on some idols if they find out that they sing live albeit with a backtrack. But with NewJeans pretty much having the general public’s backing, whether they lipsync or sing live, everyone was ready to defend their university festival performance.

'They indeed sang live'

Knetz present at the festival made comments like, "NewJeans did sing live. What are you saying..," "I was at the site and they indeed sang live," and "I went and they did sing live? You could hear all their voices." Another wrote, "South Korea is totally obsessed with NewJeans. They named NewJeans as, "Nation's Younger Sister" Gave Minji the name "The Next Generation Nation's 1st Love" Most of the audience are older than the girls but the way they made a huge sensation everywhere,I'm so proud of them." One was impressed with the crowd that turned up, "WHAT THE..." 

Another fan pointed out, "There’s literally nothing wrong with lipsyncing, how are they expected to ALWAYS sing live with difficult choreos ?" One fan tweeted, "THE CROWD SINGING TO WHOLE OF COOKIE." Another fan posted, "NEWJEANS OMG THEYRE SO GOOD." One claimed that while they did lipsync a little, there was no problem, "I was at DK uni with my friends yesterday. They did lipsync+live together. Some parts were definitely lipsync, Some parts were definitely live. Especially Hanni, Minji did sing live, Haerin, Danielle too(but with small voice+lipsync)."



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