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Is Kory Keefer single? 'Winter House' star's DMs flooded after Jessica Stocker raves about his '11-inch' penis

'I like Jess more than looks, so it definitely extends,' says 'Winter House' star Kory Keefer
'Winter House' star Kory Keefer keeps getting DM about his '11-inch' penis (Instagram/@korykeefer)
'Winter House' star Kory Keefer keeps getting DM about his '11-inch' penis (Instagram/@korykeefer)

STOWE, VERMONT: 'Winter House' star Kory Keefer has been in the talks because of his steamy scene with castmate Jessica Stocker. Hookups on Bravo's reality show are expected but every minute detail of it explained is not something that was expected by the fans. Jessica described her and Kory's first-time sex to be "mind-blowing." She further compared Kory's p**** size to "three of her own fists."

Jessica further praised Kory's bedroom skills during a conversation with Rachel Clark in 'Winter House'. She said, "Me and Kory had some fun. It was amazing." She further added "It's like 11 inches. So big. It’s definitely almost, like, three hands." The revelation of Kory's size swamped his DMs with fans asking about his '11 inches.' Well, this has also let fans wonder whether the star is single or dating someone in the real life. Keep reading to know.


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Is Kory Keefer single?

According to Gossip Next Door, Kory is single as of 2022. Even though the adrenaline junkie headed single to Bravo's 'Winter House' he claimed to be pursuing many girls. The star claimed, "The girls in the house, have no idea, but I'm kinda pursuing all of them at this point." However, Kory's recent romance with Jessica led many wonders whether there is something going on between the two. The star opened up about his ongoing things with Jessica to Entertainment Tonight, "I don't want to give too much away, but we definitely extend it." He added, "I like Jess more than (for just her) looks, so it definitely extends...We experiment, we'll say that." One thing that made Jessica more interesting for Kory was her interest in crypto. After listening to her talk about crypto, Kory claimed, "I was like, ‘All right, maybe there’s a little bit more to you than being a hot blonde.'"  

'Winter House' star Kory Keefer keeps getting DM about his '11-inch' p**** after steamy sex scene with Jessica Stocker (Instagram/@korykeefer)
'Winter House' star Kory Keefer keeps getting DM about his '11-inch' penis after steamy sex scene with Jessica Stocker (Instagram/@korykeefer)

He further claimed that Jessica and he are growing together as a person. He added, "I'm excited to see that and see kinda that transformation." However, as of now, they are still figuring out their importance in each other's life.


Kory Keefer is swamped with messages asking about his '11 inches'

As soon as Jessica spilled in the show about how satisfied she was with Kory's big size, the reality star started getting messages from fans asking him about his '11 inches.' Kory tells Page Six, "There’s a lot of (message) requests." He further admitted, "A lot of ’11-inch’ comments" are there in his DM. He laughed at his circumstance saying, "yeah, the DMs are going a little wild right now." The fitness pro has further given a heads-up to his family about what's coming ahead in the show. The star said, "I told my mom to skip over a couple of scenes." 

'Winter House' releases every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.