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Is Donald Trump ill? 'Pale face and bruised cheek' in new pics spark concern: 'That doesn't look good'

'Holy crap. Is he ill? How did he not age at all during his presidency but looks 15 years older in the 2 months since he left office?' a social media user wrote
UPDATED MAR 15, 2021
Donald Trump's recent pictures are causing concern among his supporters  (Twitter/ Nick Adams and Brigitte Gabriel)
Donald Trump's recent pictures are causing concern among his supporters (Twitter/ Nick Adams and Brigitte Gabriel)

In a recent picture posted on Twitter, former President Donald Trump has left his fans and supporters worried about his ill-health with many taking to the social networking site to share their concerns. 

After Trump supporter Nick Adams shared the picture, which was taken at Mar-a-Lago he sparked a debate.The caption for his picture read: "President Trump is looking better than ever before!! He's getting in shape for 2024 and the liberals are freaking out!!" And while he seemingly praised Trump for looking good, there were many on social media who think he is looking sick and 'looking better' would not be how they would describe the former president.


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'He must be in serious decline'

A user commented, "Holy crap. Is he ill? How did he not age at all during his presidency but looks 15 years older in the 2 months since he left office?" Another user, who commented along the same lines of Trump aging faster outside the office tweeted, "He looks like he has a full diaper and just nursed directly from a cows teat." Another user commented, "Wow, if this is the best picture you could find, he must be in serious decline." Similarly, one said, "I can only assume you posted the wrong picture. That is clearly a photo confused elderly dementia patient."





Users pointed out how 'horrible' Trump was looking in the picture. "WE CAN SEE HIM I mean, at first, I thought this was a parody of the other person who tweeted these insane talking points because you used an even worse picture He looks ill His color is horrible and there's a strange bruise on his cheek Round is a shape... so technically." A user, pointing out to Trump's visibly pale skin, said, "Um honey I'm an ER doc. And I hate to break it to you but that's not what we'd generally think of as being hale and hearty. Dude looks like he's having a GI bleed and needs a blood transfusion." Another user tweeted, "The bizarre tweets about Trump’s “amazing health” from sycophants with photos of him looking frail, pale, bandaged and ill lead me to believe that something is seriously wrong with his health."




Similarities with Fred Trump

Many social media users started pointing out similarities between the former president and his father Fred. "What is happening here?" one asked while bringing in to focus an abnormality on Trump's face. Another user said, "We're just gonna pretend like Trump's face isn't becoming like his dad? That doesn't look "good" to me. Also, remember how multiple people said they believed Trump had Alzheimer's and were trying to get someone to invoke the 25th? No way Trump is going to run in 2024." And like that, another user predicted Trump's future. "It’s not Alzheimer’s, it’s frontotemporal dementia. But when one is old and gets any type of dementia, the decline is slower than if they are, say, in their 50s (rare but does happen.) Fred hung on til age 94. I doubt Donald will though." A user finally tweeted, "He looks like shit. no way he makes it to 2024."





'Dementia Donnie'

Even when Lebanese-American conservative author, anti-Islam activist, and founder of the anti-Muslim group ACT! for America Brigitte Gabriel took to Twitter to share multiple images praising Trump, she was called out. "President Trump is looking ENERGIZED and ready to go for 2024!! This is what 'Presidential' looks like!!" she captioned a picture of Trump. 

To which, one user said, "Jimmy Carter, after a fall, at age 96, is fitter and more energized than than Dementia Donnie." Another tweeted, "He looks like a decaying old racist, and you know it just as well as we do. But it’s really hilarious how you keep trying to push this pathetic old dodderer back into the spotlight."




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