Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? Despite reports claiming she's expecting twins, the singer is not pregnant

Several reports claimed and the 'Champion' singer and her husband Mike were expecting twins but those reports were false.

                            Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? Despite reports claiming she's expecting twins, the singer is not pregnant
Carrie Underwood (Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are not expecting twins even though several reports claimed that they are.

Gossip Cop revealed that the stories were untrue and that the pair is not planning on extending their family. This comes after Life & Style reported that the singer was pregnant. 

The pair is not expecting twins despite reports (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization)

The entire article boasts about the couple enjoying the news about expecting a baby and that her “pals are buzzing that she and husband Mike Fisher are expecting.”

The website goes on to claim that an unnamed insider came forward who told them that "one of her friends let it slip… She’d have to be ecstatic with the news of two [babies].” While the outlet does not have any confirmation on the news, they want the readers to buy the information on the basis of this "source". 

In fact, the insider seems to know a lot about how Carrie feels as they go on to state, "Carrie can’t wait to have little girls to dote on.” While the news about her pregnancy was one thing, the outlet goes on to predict what the singer might be craving during her pregnancy. 

Carrie is focusing on her career (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The outlet states that she has been “craving chocolate and shopping for baby clothes." Meanwhile, they also report that Carrie has decided to shift places just so she can raise her kids. The outlet claimed that Carrie is “leaving Nashville to raise her growing family.”

Previously, there were reports about Carrie and Mike planning on moving their house but it wasn't to raise their "growing family" but due to security issues.

People reported that Carrie wanted to move out of the house because it happened to be the same place where she experienced her fall that left her with a huge scar on her face. The magazine did not mention anything about Carrie being pregnant. 

At the same time, all the photos of Carrie that have been shared on her social media do not hint in any way that she might be expecting.

Since the time Carrie has come back on the stage performing, the singer has been focused on getting her life back to normal after the fall and we think that having a child is far from their near future plans.