Is America bracing for election night violence? Beverly Hills PD sends chilling warning to Rodeo Drive retailers

The warning strongly advises that all buildings on Rodeo Drive shut store windows by 11 pm on Monday, November 2

                            Is America bracing for election night violence? Beverly Hills PD sends chilling warning to Rodeo Drive retailers
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills ( Getty Images)

As the election day approaches, the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) has adopted a proactive approach for the safety of business owners, residents, and visitors as it reportedly speculates rioting throughout Los Angeles ahead of the November 3 elections. 
Daily Mail in an exclusive report mentioned that BHPD sent out a mass text to all business owners “strongly” advising that all buildings on Rodeo Drive board up store windows by 11 pm on Monday, November 2. As per the Daily Mail report, the text that BHPD has sent out to business owners comes as they expect mass protests and possible rioting post-election day. The site adds that officials fear that peaceful demonstrations on either side – President Donald Trump and his rival candidate Joe Biden, could turn violent. The police department also said that if businesses require private security, they need to fill out a registration form - so that police can be in contact with them. 

Rodeo Drive, January 12, 2002, in Beverly Hills(Getty Images)

Daily Mail revealed the text message that reads similar to what BHPD posted on its website. The message reads, “The BHPD strongly suggests that all Rodeo Drive businesses board up on Monday, 11/2. All board-ups must be completed by 11 pm on Monday, 11/2. Rodeo Drive will be closed starting midnight on Monday 11/2. From that moment on, there will be NO cars or pedestrians allowed on Rodeo Drive. Cement K-Rail will be placed at the following Rodeo intersections: S. Santa Monica, Dayton, Brighton, Wilshire Blvd. The alleys Rodeo shares with Camden and Beverly will be soft closed by Traffic Control Officers (TCOs).”

The message continues, “TCOs will allow alley access for medical patients to go into buildings where they have medical appointments if those locations have alley access. If you have a medical office, please email your patients proof of their appointments, which they can show the TCOs.For the safety of the community and business patrons, no retail businesses should operate while boarded up and while Rodeo is under a hard closure. Sidewalk trash cans on Rodeo Drive will be removed by Monday 11/2. If any business is hiring private security, BHPD requests that they fill out a registration form by Monday, 11/2. That way BHPD can keep in touch with them. The situation is fluid and the City will keep you informed of the reopening plan, information that comes in, and will provide regular updates.”

BHPD mentions the public safety measures on its official website too with a similar message. It states, “Beginning on Halloween and through Election week, the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) will be on full alert throughout the residential and business districts.” “While we are hopeful for peaceful weeks ahead, your Police Department is prepared to protect and serve,” told BHPD Chief Dominick Rivetti as reported by BHPD site. 

For the unversed, Beverly Hills has recently been a site for Trump supporters. They have been hosting rallies in the city every Saturday until Election Day, Daily Mail reported. Not just Beverly Hills, but New York City has similar plans in place. The NYPD is reportedly increasing police presence as it heads for Election Day. 

Earlier Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) President Todd Johnson said as reported by Beverly Hills Courier, “We are probably one of the most prepared cities for this. We’re prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.” It's not just elections but officials are also concerned that protests and demonstrations might take place for Halloween too. “Halloween is always a big event in our City,” said BHPD Assistant Police Chief Marc Coopwood. “It’s always a big event in West Hollywood. We are not allowing Halloween this year, so we need to be prepared for people that either don’t know about that or are going to protest against that” he said as reported in Beverly Hills Courier on the security measures.

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